First Flight To Tokyo Oversold – Opening Day At Hartsfield International Airport

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It’s very exciting to be here as the first flight leaves the new International Terminal from Harstfield International airport. The flight is scheduled to leave at 1:15 pm and appears to be on schedule.

The first flight out of the new International Terminal at Hartsfield International Airport is oversold. Delta flight 295 from Atlanta to Tokyo Narita is oversold by 3 seats.

I’m sure all of you are interested in what the bump compensation offer is, so we walked up to the gate and asked.


  • Each member will receive $600 Delta dollars
  • Passengers will be confirmed on Delta flight out of Los Angeles to Tokyo Narita
  • Meal vouchers will be provided
  • Hotel accomodations as needed will be provided

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  1. I think $600 is fair for an In’tl flight. In fact initially I thought it was a little low, even.

  2. I think it’s just right since they are covering other expenses, however it’s a historic flight, they could bump it up a bit ūüėČ

  3. Surprisingly I was offered $400 ($800 total including my travel partner) from Southwest a few months back for a DTW-MSY flight that would have only delayed my arrival in NOLA by less than 3 hours.

  4. I may attract some hate mail on this one and I’m not a big government guy but it just seems like it should be illegal for an airline to overbook any flight. I know why they do it but it still seems wrong. Just personal opinion. I hope someone comes out good on the bump though.

  5. $600 sounds low for transpacific flights. To Europe you normally get $800. But this is Delta, so I am surprised you didn’t have to makean offer and they would take the lowest bid!

  6. @DaninSTL That’s easy to arrange. Just pass a law that makes all tickets non-refundable and non-changeable. Then outlaw overbooking. A win-win for everyone, right?

    I think there out to be a law preventing people from saying “there out to be a law” about every little thing. :>)

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