Purchase British Airways Avios Points For 30% Bonus

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British Airways just sent me a promotion offering 30% Avios points with an Avios points purchase. The promotion runs from June 12 through August 2 and will award up to 30% bonus on purchased points. The promotion may be targeted so log into British Airways to check and see if you qualify for the promotion.

How To Purchase

  • Navigate to the purchase miles section on British Airways website
  • Check to see that you qualify for the 30% bonus offer

The more Avios you purchase between 12 June and 2 August 2012, the bigger the bonus we’ll give you – up to 30%.

Promotion Details

  • Purchase miles between June 12 and August 2
  • Bonus up to 30% based on Avios points purchased
  • Purchase 1,000 – 8,000 = 5% Bonus
  • Purchase 9,000 – 16,000 = 10% Bonus
  • Purchase 17,000 – 23,000 = 20% Bonus
  • Purchase 24,000 = 30% Bonus

Sample Purchase

The Avios points cost varies depending on how much you purchase in this promotion. For this example let us assume you wanted to travel from Miami to Turks & Caicos in First class round trip. You’d need 27,000 Avios points total per person.

With this promotion, you would need to purchase 24,000 Avios points which would net you a total of 31,200 Avios points. The cost per person would be $685 + taxes and fees for a cpm of $0.0219.

Family Bonus

The good part is if you have additional family who are executive club, you can also purchase up to 24,000 Avios points for them. This amount will not come from your allowance.

Terms and Conditions

  • Transactions must be completed between 12 June (00:00:01 GMT +1) and 2 August (23:59:59 GMT +1) 2012 to receive the Avios Points bonus
  • Bonus Avios Points will be awarded to the recipient of the Avios Points
  • All other Purchase Avios Points terms and conditions apply
  • The Purchaser may cancel the purchase of the Avios Points in accordance with the Purchase Avios Points terms and conditions
  • Any cancellations will also include the bonus Avios Points awarded under this promotion
  • British Airways Plc reserves the right to cancel or amend without notice the terms of this promotion

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  1. Hi

    I’m a bit confused, can you confirm my calculation:

    You said “With this promotion, you would need to purchase 24,000 Avios points which would net you a total of 31,200 Avios points. The cost per person would be $685 + taxes and fees for a cpm of $0.219”. I look at this and think, 21 cents per mile is expensive! But then I use Excel to divide $685.00 by 31,200 and get $0.0224 which really is 2¢ per mile.

    I guess my point here is to advocate for some kind of consistency when reporting cost per mile or point. It should be either $0.0219 or 2.19 cents but not $0.219.


  2. Don’t forget to add in the credit card points you get for the purchase. Use the BA Visa and that’s an additional 1,712 miles. It affects the true cost-per-mile.

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