Found 6,500 Avios Points + BMI Transfer Issue Solved

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We were reminded by DealsWeLike that we can now transfer BMI miles into British Airways Avios Points. Having never flown BMI, we weren’t sure this would apply to us. But rule #1 in the Points and Miles game is to never leave a point or mile (Or martini) on the table.

Since we know the value of British Airways Avios Points, we thought it was worth looking into whether we had any BMI miles to transfer into British Airways Avios Points. Sure enough, we signed up for a BMI account back when Lucky shared a generous BMI signup bonus, and he reminds us BMI was recently offering a 1,000 signup offer. In a few moments we found enough miles to transfer into 6,500 British Airways Avios Points, enough for a one-way short haul coach ticket. But it wasn’t so easy for us to transfer all of the BMI miles into Avios points.

First, we recovered our BMI account numbers and passwords. The lesson learned here is to enter all information into AwardWallet. Then we transferred miles from my BMI account into my British Airways account with no issue. Bam, 2,000 Avios Points richer.

Next up was Mrs Weekly Flyer where we quickly ran into an issue. We couldn’t transfer BMI miles into her British Airways Avios account. After a bit of research we found out what was causing the issue. She had signed up for her British Airways account back when receiving her British Airways Chase credit card from the 100k offer.  The credit card process didn’t add her date of birth to her account. Once the issue was identified we performed a bit of research to discover the work around and were successful in transferring her BMI miles to her British Airways Avios account.

In this post, we’ll illustrate a step by step process to recover BMI account details, ensure a British Airways account is able to combine Avios points, and transfer the miles into Avios points.

Recover BMI Username And Password

We knew we had BMI accounts but we couldn’t remember our information. So we headed over to BMI’s Diamond Club website and used the password reset function.

Do you have a BMI account? It may be worth checking to see if you signed up with any email address. It could be worth British Airways Avios points.

Add Date Of Birth To British Airways Account

Next, we had to add Mrs Weekly Flyer’s DOB to her British Airways Avios account. This was the issue preventing her from transferring BMI miles into British Airways Avios points.

After we updated her information we received a confirmation of the account changes.

British Airways recommends we fax in a copy of her passport so they can verify her age. Until this date, they’ve always had her registered as a minor. So they will need to verify any date of birth changes before accounts can be full updated. British Airways suggested we fax a copy of her passport with the Executive Club number to their fax #212.251.6767 and they would update the account within 2-3 days.

Transfer BMI Miles To British Airways Avios Points

Once our accounts were in order we could transfer the BMI miles into our British Airways Avios points.

First log into your British Airways Executive Club Account. Navigate to the “Manage My Account” located on the left side of the screen when in the Executive Club section of the website.

Next, scroll about half way down the page and select the “Combine My Avios” points option. This option will not display if your date of birth is not entered into the advance passenger information.

Next, select the BMI Diamond Club program and enter your credentials to log in.

Lastly, enter the amount of BMI miles you’d like to transfer and confirm the transfer. The BMI miles will transfer over almost instantly to British Airways Avios points at a 1:1 ratio.

Bottom Line

After a few steps we are now 6,500 Avios points richer. This means we have enough for a 4,500 one-way ticket with 2,000 points left over for another ticket. The lessons I’ve learned here are (1) always signup for new accounts when they have generous signup bonus offers and (2) ensure I update my AwardWallet account with new account information.

Did any of you find BMI miles to transfer to British Airways Avios points?

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  1. Hi bitachu – Are you part of a family account? You may want to try removing your family account by logging into the Head of Household’s account and removing the account you’d like to transfer into.

  2. The t&c stated no family accounts, however, some readers mentioned that it still worked for them anyways!

    Lots of avoid points recovered, congrats!

  3. Great post! I was having issues with transferring miles and after reading your post checked the details of my accounts and the email addresses were different. I made the change and it worked!

  4. We have a family account and it worked for us. As long as I transferred into my account, and my wife transferred into hers. My wife’s didn’t transfer at first – looking into it she had a different email for BMI and BA. Once we changed one of those so they would match, it worked fine.

  5. Thanks. Until you mentioned the 1000 pt bonus I thought I had no bmi miles. But that sounded familiar so I checked and had 1k each for 3 of us. Bingo! More BA Avios. Thanks!

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