A Word About The 40,000 Point Offer

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I’ve shared in the past how the Chase Sapphire Preferred card is one of our favorite travel reward cards. We like it because it let us bulk on points that could be converted to Star Alliance member United’s airline miles. This benefit alone allowed me to transfer points instantly and take advantage of the Singapore Airlines First Class booking frenzy.

We like the card not only because of the generous earning on travel related products, or the great way to transfer Chase Freedom cash back into Ultimate Reward points, but also because it has or had one of the larger sign up bonuses.

Earlier this year the offer was in the 50,000 range. I was notified to remove my links and then the offer went down to 40,000 Ultimate Reward points. We shared the news and how we thought the sky wasn’t falling but that the offer was going down.

New Notification On Chase Sapphire Preferred Offer

I have been directed to remove my Chase Sapphire Preferred affiliate links by 10 AM on Monday, 8/20/2012. Now I can’t confirm what will happen after that, but I thought it was interesting enough to pass along for those folks who may have been holding out on getting the card. The 40,000 Ultimate Rewards offer for the Chase Sapphire Preferred is a sure way to bulk up on Star Alliance carrier program miles quickly.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

Bottom Line

If you are risk averse or have been planning to pick up a Chase Sapphire Preferred card, the 40,000 UR point offer would sure look attractive to me at this point.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

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  1. What are the chances the bonus will increase? What if we sign up now at 40k & it goes up…will Chase match it, if we call?

  2. If I transfer points from Ink Bold to a Chase Sapphire account, will I receive the 7% bonus on those points as well?

  3. If you do not have the CSP card now, the best thing to do is sign up now and if the offer increases next week, you can send them a secure message and they will match it. But if it goes down from 40,000 points (would Chase dare?), you are still locked in with 40,000 points.

  4. Grant is right that there is an insurance policy of sorts with Chase in the event the offer gets better you can likely be matched. I have a hard time imagining the offer is changing substantially, but I could be very wrong. I know lots of us are trying to find out. 😉

  5. Uh oh…I’m looking for some advice please. This announcement is bad timing for me, although I certainly appreciate you posting it.

    I was going to apply for this card in September as part of my first real churn of 3-4 cards. The plan was to hold off until then to give my credit time to recover from refinancing last week and from 2 new cards in June. My last Chase application was 6/4, so I was going to wait until at least 9/4 to do the new applications.

    Do you think I should go ahead and apply for the Preferred card now? Credit Karma has my score at 738 as of today. Citi Identity Monitor (credit reports updated 8/10) shows much higher scores. No new activity since 8/10. Any help would be appreciated.
    Experian 778
    Equifax 775
    TransUnion 802

  6. @Chad, if you have several chase cards and have been a good customer by paying your bills on time, then there is a good chance you will get this card. If you “threaten” to close one of your other chase cards, they will probably put you on hold, then approve you without closing the other account. The reconsideration line is your best friend with chase.

    I’m not sure this will help your churn next month, but that’s your decision.

  7. Chase Sapphire Credit Score Requirement:
    I had a credit score in the range of 735-740 and I got an approval for $8000+. I believe as long as you have a credit score of 730+ and no hard hits in last 6-8 months, you should get approved.

  8. If I already have a Chase Sapphire card, could I still get the 40K bonus by opening a CSP card? I called their 800 # to apply, but was told that I won’t know if I’d get the bonus until I actually applied.

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