Free Drinks On Delta With Electronic Have One On Us Coupon

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We like our drinks here at Points, Miles & Martinis. In-flight cocktails are always a great way to go after a long week, especially when they are free. Delta has a great onboard bourbon product, Woodford Reserve, our favorite. In this post, we’ll share how you can get a free drink on a Delta flight and still use your mobile device to check-in and an electronic boarding pass.

How To Use An Electronic Have One On Us

For those of you who fly Delta regularly, you’ve probably come across the Delta Have One On Us coupon. You’ve probably also noticed that you don’t receive the coupon when you check-in through a mobile phone or at an airport kiosk. The answer is to check-in online and then print your certificate. DeltaPoints has a great overview of the process. The process is simple:

1) Check-in online

2) Select all of the extra options to print like weather, puzzles, etc

3) View your boarding pass and ensure there is a “Have One On Us” certificate

4) Print the boarding pass to “PDF” format and send the electronic boarding pass to your email or mobile device

5) Pull up the boarding pass with your certificate on your mobile device and show the flight attendant for her/him to scan

6) Enjoy your free drink!

The “Have One On Us” certificates are good for a one-time use only and have an expiration date. So you cannot use these multiple times once they are scanned.

Success Tastes So Sweet

As the flight attendants with the drink cart approached row 24, we got our iPhone picture ready. She started with 24A, he ordered a vodka and club soda, a good choice for sure. Then came my turn from seat 24B. I ordered the usual, Woodford on the rocks with a splash of water and handed her my iPhone. It certainly caught her by surprise. She took the scanner and proceeded to scan the picture on my iPhone. After two scans, success! First round on Delta, thanks.

Perfect Combo - Woodford Reserve and Biscoff Cookies

Bottom Line

Never leave a drink on the table. Delta elite members can have a free drink if you print your boarding pass with the “Have One On Us” certificate  instead of using the electronic or airport kiosk method.

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  1. Awww shucks, nothing for me. More than likely because I’m not a Silver (or better) Medallion…yet…

  2. @Shawn – I think PP&M has a link to a AMEX Reserve card at the top of his blog. You could get the personal and biz one and get a quick 20k MQM with 1st dollar spent on each. Will be GOLD in no time! 🙂

  3. Gold Medallion – Is this enough for have one on us?
    I tried it today, and didnt get the coupon.

  4. A good thing to remember is that the coupons are also good for a non-perishable snack item instead of a drink. I regularly trade mine in for a bag of trail mix or a boxed snack. Yesterday they took the certificate and gave me a sandwich. The only problem is that on many short haul connectors, the only snacks are the dreaded peanuts, pretzels and cookies.

  5. The “Have one on us” has been discontinued which really ticks me off. I have logged over 150,000 miles on Delta this year but fly routes where I don’t often get upgraded. Way to go Delta, take all the benefits of medalian status away.

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