Flawless Flight Tonight Delta – Could It Have Been Any Better?

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A usual business flight turned into an unexpected flawless flight tonight. When there are reports some airline pilots are deliberately finding issues to cause delay, it is nice to board a flight that leaves on time and you are provided flawless service throughout the duration of the flight. Tonight was a perfect example of a flawless flight.

Upgraded To First Class

My first touchpoint with Delta today, was with the iPhone application, and it was flawless. I found myself the option to select virtually any first class seat of my liking. So I selected my favorite seat on the 757, 7D. Sure, I’d be served a pre-departure drink last, but I like the fact that I can recline right away and relax. In addition, I knew I’d have a great view with the engine in my sights.

The part where the flight was really flawless was the human interaction with the Delta team. Even though Delta has a strategy to allow the customer as much, or as little human interaction as desired, they really excel in this area on most occasions. I entered what I like to call Cheers (aka Philadelphia SkyClub), where everyone knows your name, only with a 1-drink “self imposed” limit. My favorite SkyClub agent greeted me by name and confirmed the flight was right on time. And he noted he’d call me when the flight was boarding.

Boarding was when it got even better. I entered the 757 in the middle of the plane and turned left. I was instantly greeted by the purser and asked if he could hang my jacket. Perfect, I didn’t even have to hold the jacket for 15 minutes until boarding completed before it would be hung in the closet. Instead, my coat was hung right away.

I was soon comfortablly seated in my 7D First Class seat which had in-seat televisions. Sweet!

TV in Delta Seat

The view out of the window was as to be expected.

Great View From First Class

Pre-Departure Service

When I boarded, the pre-flight departure drink service was just completing row 4 service. So I still had two rows to go before my order was up. I took the opportunity to get comfy by sorting the pillow and blanket to the back to act as a lumbar for the flight.

Then came the real surprise, I found the Delta in-seat power outlet. My iPhone was low on battery, so I took the opportunity to get my cord out to charge the phone once we got up in the air.

Plugs In Delta Seat

Soon, my drink order was up, and the usual was delivered. Extra credit will be awarded for guessing the usual drink.

Pre-Departure Drink

We pushed back on time, as if this could get any better.

Pushed Back On Time

Perfect Flight

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, we climbed above the clouds and had a fantastic view of the sunset as we headed down south.

Clear Skies 2

And finally to top it off, the snack selection was even bigger on this flight. They served regular sized Twix bars. As many of you loyal Delta flyers know, the Twix bars normally served in First Class are half the normal size. Not that this made a big difference, but still, it was icing on the cake for a great flight with great service.

Snacks in Delta Flight

Bottom Line

It’s times like these that I wish I had more “job well done” certificates to hand out all around. Have you experienced any great flights and service lately?

Nothing but clouds for as far as the eye could see and I knew I’d be home in time to see Baby Weekly Flyer go to bed. Well done Delta, flawless flight indeed!

Clear Skies

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  1. I had a great experience in first class on a redeye. I couldn’t fall asleep and their was a flight attendant going down the aisle every 5 minutes through the aisle asking what you would like if you were awake.

  2. Many people scoff at our airline but I’ve had nothing but great experiences on delta. Like you Renee I have run out of job well done certs but great idea on the gift card. My most memorable yet this year are biz elite upgrades both ways from US- Madrid for oversold coach. I’m going to be on the new 747 biz elite product in October- can’t wait!

  3. Perfect flights are great. Oh and why can’t they clean those power outlets. If it was a rental car you would be upset. Strange.

  4. I’ve been on countless flights that allegedly have outlets, but have never been able to find them. Where should one look without taking the seat apart?

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