Name The Capital Of New Zealand

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Can you name the capital of New Zealand? Apparently Pat Sajak or the Wheel of Fortune contestants tonight can’t.

As the final spin of the Wheel of Fortune game came tonight, the board read A_ _ _ LAND, New ZEALAND. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Yet the contestants went around the horn two times before a C, a K, and finally a U was guessed. But not before F and other out of place letters were guessed.

The final contestant reluctantly guessed Auckland New Zealand and then said something like “I still don’t know where that is.” Pat followed it up by stating it’s the capital of New Zealand.

I guess the contestants and the host aren’t frequent flyers.

And for the record, the capital of New Zealand is Wellington.

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  1. Well, what’s worse is that everyone should know that the the capital of NZ is Wellington! I guess Americans really don’t know their geography;-)

  2. Its Wellington
    Auckland is the biggest city but not the capital of NZ
    And Canberra is Australia’s Capital Not Sydney

  3. I was watching and was flabergasted that nobody could guess the answer. Some people are pretty sheltered I guess

  4. Why am I not surprised that not only they didn’t know the answer but that the answer was the wrong one :-).

  5. I read a travel article recently that got the NZ capital wrong, too! (It also named Auckland as the capital.) Wish I could remember where I read it.

    Americans aren’t the only ones, though. I’ve encountered folks overseas who are clueless about American geography and who couldn’t name the capital of Canada (often Toronto is their guess).

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