What Is The Weirdest Checked Luggage You’ve Seen

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Tonight, I saw the weirdest checked luggage I’ve ever seen.

I’ve seen packed bags to the point they don’t look like bags anymore, packed things made to look like bags, garbage bags, and even checked coolers filled with who knows what. But when I looked out the window of my Boeing 737 tonight, this checked piece took the top prize in my book.

Looking out my economy comfort seat, I saw large antlers just sitting next to the plane. They were metal antlers, like someone was going to use them for a lighting fixture or something. But they were just sitting there on the concrete.


Then the baggage truck pulled away from the plane and the baggage handler hoisted them up as the last piece to board the plane.


Through your travels, have you seen checked items more unique than metal antlers?


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  1. Many years ago on a trip to Florida my daughter won this huge orange stuffed tiger. We tried to leave it in FL but she would not let it out of her sight. We decided to use my son’s car seat to hold it and and with brute force got the straps around it’s arms. When it came out on the baggage carousel people were cracking up.

  2. Hi Marilynn – Innovative solution

    Gary – Sounds like a trip to San Juan and the cock fights

    Hi Soltatio – Wow, a full bail of hay? Must have been a large plane to hold a full bail in the cargo hold

  3. Before a visit to Munich some years ago, a friend and former colleague asked if I’d do a favor for one of his friends. It seems he had an old Chevy, a ’78 Impala as I recall, that needed a replacement torque converter. Buying one over there would have been the equivalent of nearly $1,000 so I agreed to bring one with me, a rebuilt one for $160. Figuring it might cause some consternation if I checked it I decided to carry it on. Big mistake. Why? Because a torque converter apparently looks a whole lot like an anti-tank mine. But, after 30 minutes or more of ‘splainin’, I was allowed to tag it and check it as hold baggage. I watched from my window seat as it went up the belt, keeping my fingers crossed that no one else would go into panic mode at the sight.

  4. Oh yes. Today flying from Miami to DCA I saw an igloo…that huge cooler you have at parties that is filled with ice, beer, soda, wine coolers, water, etc. They had it as their carry-on so that went through the machine at the security check…that was a sight to see!! They tried to take it on the plane if there was an extra seat. But they ended up checkin at “curbside”.

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