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We broke the news earlier this week about Delta adding oranges to their SkyClub selection. This new addition caused quite the debate. At first, it wasn’t clear if the new addition was a snack, or new garnish for their Blue Moon Belgian-style beer, or both.

Since it wasn’t clear, we enjoyed them as both a snack and a beer garnish. But the official word is out about this new additional. We’ve also randomly selected the winners of the free Gogo wifi pass giveaway from those who guessed if this was a garnish or a snack.


Official Purpose Of The Oranges

There were many people intrigued about the new SkyClub addition of oranges, so we followed up with Delta and received the official word from two sources.

First, the Delta team at a friendly SkyClub confirmed the organges are indeed a garnish intended to enhance the taste of the new Blue Moon Belgian-style beer.

Second, we received word from the Delta corporate team that the new addition was indeed a garnish.

Winners Of Free Gogo Wifi Passes

We received a total of 48 guesses that were officially entered into the Gogo Giveaway. Using Random Org the following entries were selected as winners.

  • Comment #22, Tom said: “Both is definitely the only correct answer.”
  • Comment #34, SusanI said: “both!”
  • Comment #44, dwh said “Garnish, then a snack!”

Congratulations to the winners. You’ll receive an email shortly with instructions on how to redeem your prize.

Bottom Line

Congratulations to the winners of the Gogo wifi passes. Thank you to all who participated in our small giveaway.

In regards to the oranges, we now have official word they were intended for a beer garnish, straight from the source. But no one can ever take them away from you if you intend to use them to supplement the beer as a snack.

These new oranges have confirmed sightings in Philadelphia. Have you seen the new orange garnish at any other SkyClub?

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  1. All of that over a piece of fruit? Perhaps flyers and airlines are getting a bit petty?
    OTOH, oranges – whole, slices, wedged or juiced are a near univeral fruit. Some cultures regard them as very ordinary fare, while other consider them as a very specail treat, one infrequently available in their home markets. In my North Amerikan location, oranges have been universally available -and at +/- modest prices, for 50+ years, so I consider them as ordinary fare. That said, I also enjoy them in nearly any form. Garnish or fruit snack does not matter to me and I hope that the lounge Food Police don’t criticise me for taking three wedges of their garnish and calling it a snack! If oranges are offered, I will eat them! As for squeezing a wedge into a g lass of beer… I’ve tried it. A bit or orange may help a gutter beer, but I don’t see the need when having a glass of high-end, Belgian or other European beer. It almost implies that those beers are lacking something. I’m here to assure you that they are not! THe vast majority of those exceptional brews at just fine as they come from the tap. If they need anyting, it is to warm just a little (or be served a bit warmer) to appreciate the rich, if subtle flavors. The greatest ‘beer sin’ of all is serving a high quality beer 10-20 (F) degrees too cold. That’s a North Amerikan trick, used to cover the lack of meaningful flavor in their gutter beers. At those near-freezin temperatures, one might as well drink the junk as they all taste much the same. Only when consumed a good bit warmer do the real essences and flavors shine through. Do they need a squirt of orange? Not really. But those wedges make a fine and most welcome snack!

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