Business Class To Europe For $1,386 With Turkish Airlines Miles And Smiles Transfer Bonus

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Turkish Miles and Smiles program has introduced a limited time promotion to transfer miles at a rate of 1,000 miles for only $ 10 Euros. This promotion will allow members to transfer existing miles in their accounts to friends and family. With current exchange rates and the cost to transfer a mile, this brings down the cost of a Business Class ticket to Europe to only $1,386 plus taxes and fees. Not a bad price, but one catch, you have to already have miles in your account to transfer them.

But once you have the miles in your account, there is no limit to the amount of miles transferred or received through this promotion and you can transfer transferred miles again per the terms of the promotion.

Miles and Smiles Transfer Bonus

How To Transfer Miles At $0.0132 Per Mile

Since the transfer cost is in Euros, U.S. members must factor in current exchange rates. This makes the cost to transfer a mile about $0.0132 at current rates.

  • log-in to your account and click Transfer Miles under Other Applications on left menu bar

Promotion Details

  • All Miles&Smiles members can benefit from Transfer Miles
  • There is no minimum and maximum mileage limit for transfer
  • Members may transfer miles to their friends or family members as many as they want
  • There is no limit for number of person
  • All unused status and bonus miles can be transferred
  • All types of miles are transferred as bonus miles
  • Transfer miles do not affect the card levels of the members
  • Transfer miles will be valid for 3 calendar years as the date of transfer
  • Transfer miles can be transferred again
  • Miles cost 10 Euro (including tax) for first 1.000 miles and after first 1000 miles, 0,01 Euro for per 1 miles
  • Transferred miles and transfer fee are non-refundable
  • Transfer Miles can be applied only from Miles&Smiles web site
  • Transferred Miles are subject to the terms and conditions of the Miles&Smiles Program
  • Transferred miles are posted immediately to the other member’s account
  • SMS and e-mail message are sent to our members at the end of transfer


At a cost of miles $0.0132, this would make a round-trip business class ticket to Europe on Turkish Airlines, only $1,386 plus taxes and fees since the flight requires 105,000 miles. You can look at their award chart to figure out the required miles and cost for any desired destination you like. 

Miles and Smiles Star Award Chart

Bottom Line

With this transfer miles promotion, you can transfer 1,000 miles at a cost of 10 Euros. This makes the cost of a mile essentially $0.0132. The best part about this promotion is that you can transfer miles as much or as little as you’d like to get to a desired award level. This promotion is likely best for those with not enough miles in their account to get an award, but enough miles in family member accounts to get an award when you add all of the miles together.

The major challenge to transfer miles at this rate how do you get miles to transfer if you don’t fly Turkish or accumulate miles in their program.

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  1. Of course this is nothing like US Airways’ transfer miles promotion which comes with a 100% bonus (when they run it), that allows you to buy miles at ~ 1.2 cents apiece [so you wind up with more miles in total than the accounts started with in the first place]

  2. Is it a gift option, or pure transfer? Paying 1,3 cpm just to transfer the miles doesn’t seem like a great deal unless you really need to top of another account.

  3. From your post is sounds like you transfer existing miles for $1386 per 105k, not generating another 105k miles… therefore the ticket cost is whatever your previous cpm was + 1.32cpm

    So is there a mileage bonus? The only “bonus” is that they allow you to transfer the existing miles to another account vs not allowing it normally.

  4. Am I missing something? Isn’t it easier (and cheaper) to just book a ticket, using your own miles, for your family/friends? What is the point of paying any money for this promotion? (Unless you are consolidating miles from two accounts into one, to create a single award of greater value?)

  5. we are always faced with multiple problems with turkish during reservation and customer care processes, but it always compensates with very high level of serve while onboard.

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