Earn 50 Hilton Points A Day, Everyday

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A small dribble of points every day will add up fast. That is why we use this trick to earn 50 to 100 Hilton points a day, every day. After a few moments, you could be up and running with earning 50 Hilton points per day.

The approach involves linking a top guest account with foursquare, then checking in at Hilton DoubleTree hotels to earn 50 Hilton points per day. This method can also be used to earn 50 Priority Club points, 50 Virgin America Elevate points, 50 Viola Hotel points, 500 M life tier credits, and a personal award from Club hotel. We prefer the Hilton option and will walk through the setup process in this post.

Caution: This approach is known by a lot of frequent flyers, some who abuse it and others who play by the rules. Some of the abuse occurs with auto-check ins and checking in when you are not at or near the property. There are reports that those who abuse this approach will be locked out of Topguest program, so proceed in the spirit of the program to earn 50 points a day, everyday.

Signup for Top Guest

The first step in the setup process is to (1) signup for a Topguest account.

HIlton Top Guest Account Page

Next, you’ll want to add your loyalty program numbers to the programs that you would like to participate with in the Topguest program. Just select the “add member ID” button and add your loyalty program member ID.

Hilton Top Guest Account Signup

Link Your Account With Foursquare

Next, you’ll want to (2) signup for a foursquare account and link your Topguest account. You can do this easily by logging in with Facebook. Foursquare is an application that you can use on your smart phone to “check in” at your location. This shares your location with foursquare and your Topguest linked program will award you points. For Hilton, you much check in at a DoubleTree hotel in order to earn the 50 points.

Foursquare Account Signup

Visit And Check In At Double Tree Hotel Locations

The next step is to (3) use foursquare to check in at a DoubleTree location. Simply open up the app, search for the DoubleTree location you are visiting, and “check in” to earn your points.

Hilton Top Guest Points Confirmation

Watch The Points Roll In

You’ll earn 50 Hilton points for every check in. An automated email will be sent to your email address on file with Topguest. The points post very quickly to Hilton. You can see from the picture below that the Hilton points add up fast.

Hilton Top Guest Earning Results

Bottom Line

Using Topguest and foursquare to check in at your favorite locations can provide you with 50 points a day, everyday. But be careful to make sure you are using Topguest in the spirit of the program to avoid getting locked out.

It would be great to hear from those of you who use Topguest with any other program than Hilton. Which program do you think is the most valuable to check in using Topguest?

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  1. I did this for several months and racked up quite a few points before Top Guest shut down my account for violating the terms. I think periodically they do a sweep and see who is checking in every day. But it was a big boost to my points and even pushed me into Priority Club Gold status for next year…though that’s not worth a whole lot.

  2. The “spirit of the program” is certainly NOT to check in every day. Such activity will lead to suspension.

  3. Hi Lea – I hear they do a periodic sweep of accounts as well and look for certain things.

    Hi Tim – Well, I disagree. The program doesn’t say you cannot share your location everyday if you are at a qualifying location, airport or hotel.

  4. Yeah mine got close too, but I wasn’t playing by the rules. Interestingly, M Life took away all points I’d earned through TopGuest… There goes my dream of comped rooms in Vegas

  5. Yes, it may be 2011 – but there are those of us who didn’t hear about it until 2012. So – thanks for posting!

  6. Mine only seems to post for check ins at properties that I have not been to before. I do get points for the first check in at a property, like when I visit a new city, but no more after the first 50 points. Are you sure this still works for multiple check ins at the same site?

  7. Your statement “But be careful to make sure you are using Topguest in the spirit of the program to avoid getting locked out.” seems to be a contradiction.

    I would think the spirit of the program would be to check in when you are in fact at a DoubleTree.
    I somehow doubt that checking in every day (unless you have a long term room rental) is what TopGuest had in mind.

    Please explain what I am missing out on…

  8. Hi Michael – I don’t see your point. I say “The next step is to (3) use foursquare to check in at a DoubleTree location. Simply open up the app, search for the DoubleTree location you are visiting, and “check in” to earn your points.” Where did you see that I suggest people should check in when they are not at a location? If they stay within the spirit of the program, they’ll get rewarded for visiting locations and checking in.

  9. Well your title immediately implies that we can all earn 50 points every day: Earn 50 Hilton Points A Day, Everyday.

    You then state in the second line of your post: “That is why we use this trick to earn 50 to 100 Hilton points a day, every day.”

    Unless you live at a DoubleTree, what is YOUR trick for checking in every day?

  10. I hate to pile on but Topguest has terrible custome service. They cancelled my account even with occasional checking and by the rules. They won’t respond to emails for help, while its great to use this just beware its a ticking time bomb. They can also pull points back that you’ve earned with no warning.

  11. Weekly Flyer- curious as to why you pulled your original comment #22? The one where you mentioned stopping in each day to get your points and keep your account from expiring?

    Still waiting to hear your “trick”?

  12. Hi Michael – Not sure why you keep asking the same question. Did you read the post?

    I clearly outline how you need to “check in” at a location you Visit. End of story, very simple. What do you not understand about that?

  13. What I keep asking is what your trick is for proceeding in the spirit of the program and not getting the boot from TopGuest?

    I believe the point of TopGuest is to check in and earn the 50 points when you stay at a hotel etc…

    You said that we can earn every day. Well I don’t live in a hotel so how do I get the points each day without breaking the rules?

  14. Hi Michael – And what I keep telling you is to check in at the physical location. The program rules state:

    “You represent and warrant that you are actually at a location by sharing a check-in at a place with Topguest. In certain instances, the amount of rewards eligible for a specific location may be limited. Topguest reserves the right to refuse to give rewards for checkins that Topguest, at its sole discretion, determines to be fraudulent or otherwise inauthentic.

    Members may not use the same loyalty program membership account number on more than one Topguest account.”

    So you aren’t violating the rules if you check in at the location. Don’t use bots to auto check in, don’t check in multiple times a day in a manner that is faster than humanly reasonable, and don’t check in from ‘remote’ location.

    Check out the full terms and conditions.


    Of course they can always cancel an account, but I’ve been fortunate to be near a doubletree that I could stop in.

  15. Weekly Flyer- thank you for better explaining however it seems like the majority playing by these rules get their accounts suspended or shut down. You must be one of the few lucky ones!

    I still don’t think TopGuest’s program is meant for check ins every day but do see how you can interpret them to do what you suggest…

  16. My check-ins haven’t been posting. Can you tell me which Double tree you are checking in to with success?

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