Two commonly overlooked bonuses for Hyatt Diamond members

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There are two enormously generous benefits for Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond members that are often overlooked.  The first is clearly laid out in the Terms and Conditions while the second is not.

1. 2500 bonus points for a closed club lounge.

This benefit is clearly stated on the Hyatt website.

During periods of high demand access to the Regency Club or Grand Club lounge may not be available; therefore Diamond members will receive 2,500 bonus points per stay plus daily complimentary full breakfast inclusive of one entrée (or standard breakfast buffet), juice and coffee (tax, gratuity and service charges included) for each registered guest in the room, maximum four (4) people.

The often overlooked detail about this bonus is that club closures lounge are not random.  A hotel’s decision to close a club lounge is generally based on demand and whether it is worth staffing and supplying a lounge when occupancy is low.  As we approach the end of the year and business travel slows significantly, business-focused Hyatt hotels have a much higher chance of closing their club lounge for extended periods of time around the holidays.  Furthermore, some full service Hyatt hotels choose to keep their club lounge closed through the slow season which immediately follows the holidays in colder parts of the US. I have seen Regency Clubs stay closed for months over this winter timeframe.


Valued at 2 cents per point, this bonus represents a 50 USD bonus on top of your Diamond amenity bonus and standard earnings, bonuses and promotions.

It is worth pointing out that hotels are very bad at posting this bonus so a follow-up call to Hyatt Gold Passport is almost always necessary.  Properties that forget to post the closed lounge bonus are also properties that often forget to post your Diamond amenity which leads to #2.

2.  50% bonus on Diamond amenities that do not post properly

The second often overlooked bonus is in regards to the Diamond amenity.  At full service Hyatt properties in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean, a Diamond member may choose 1,000 bonus points as an amenity at check-in.   At limited service properties like Hyatt Place and Hyatt House the bonus is 500 points.  As any frequent traveler knows, hotels do not always post points to your account correctly with Hyatt being one of, if not the worst offender.

This used to bother me until Hyatt implemented retro bonuses of 50% if a Diamond member needs to call in to Gold Passport to credit the Diamond amenity properly.  Not all agents know what this is so be sure to use the term ‘Retro Bonus’ when asking and indicate that you should now be receiving 1500 bonus points (or 750 if at a limited service hotel) for your stay.


Valued at 2 cents per point, this bonus represents a 10 USD bonus on top of your standard earnings, bonuses and promotions.

The bottom line

These two often overlooked Hyatt bonuses can add up fast and before you know it you may find yourself spending the night at the Park Hyatt!

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  1. I haven’t used the term Retro Bonus, but in the few times I’ve had that issue, the agent usually assigns my extra 500 points in a separate entry.

    And in your defence, I’ve gotten plenty of awards with GP points that were worth a 2 cent valuation, but I use 1.8 for my own calculations if I feel like being picky.

  2. Oh definitely can get more than 2 cents a point but that doesn’t mean a Gold Passport point is worth on average 2 cents. What would you *pay* to acquire a GP point? At what price point are you a buyer/

  3. @Gary/Scottrick – I like the ability to do ‘gut check’ math in my head so Hyatt, SPG, Chase, American and United all receive 2 cents per point as my easy math valuation. Airfares, hotel rates and personal priorities fluctuate rapidly so I can’t justify making specific valuations for each program, each year.

    This year my travel goal was long stays at the Park Hyatt Sydney and Park Hyatt Tokyo so my GP points were worth more than 2 cents per point while I project a lower value next year as I look at more reasonably priced Hyatt properties next year.

    The price I am willing to pay to acquire a GP point (as well as the others listed) is highly situational and varies between 1 and 3 cents at any given time based on current account balance, planned time of use, etc.

    @Tom – The calculation assumes the member would still claim the 1000 point amenity but gain the additional benefit from the 500 point retro amenity bonus that phone agents do not always assign.

  4. I recently stayed at the HR Santa Clara in Silicon Valley on a Friday night. The hotel used to be generous offering the 2500 points for lounge closure credit. However, it missed this time. I send a request to the gold passport customer service, and got the following reply –

    “Regarding the Regency Club Lounge, at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara.
    The Lounge is closed from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. Guest
    staying on Friday – Sunday nights will be given breakfast coupons to the
    restaurant. Because the Lounge is normally closed at the time of your
    visit you do not receive the 2500 points for the Lounge being closed.”

  5. Yes, but it may require a little persistence.

    They also apply on Priceline NYOP, Hotwire and most other bookings.

  6. Good Tips Thanks. So True! I usually WANT the agents to forget to my to add my amentity points so I can call Gold Passport and get the points plus the 50% retro :)and they usually do..

  7. I’ve done both of these. There’s also 5,000 points for not getting bed type received. During my mattress run I got 5k from that, 2.5k from closed lounge, and 1k for diamond amenity all on 89 dollar rate. That was about 1 cent per point. I posted my diamond experiences on my blog, but still not done posting. Hyatt Irvine rocks 🙂

  8. York: I would dispute not getting 2500 points from Hyatt Santa Clara. They should credit you for any grand/regency club closure. Specifically, I stayed there on a Friday, went to Pebble Beach, and returned to stay there again on a Monday (12/24.) Lounge was closed both times and I got the 2500 points for each night.

    For $75, I got a free suite upgrade (did not need my suite upgrade), full breakfast for 4, the 2500 points, and a welcome amenity (I choose it for a cheese tray and full bottle of wine rather than the 1000 points.)

  9. It all depends where you plan to travel as to the value of the points…….I am staying 6 nights at Paris Verdome and I value them at 3 cents a piece. Much less than 2.5 cents and the spot is just not worthy of a trip considering the joys of going thru TSA…………As for buying I wouldn’t pay more than one half cent a piece as that would just make me feel lazy when there are so many bonus opportunities…….Plus if you have bought points for a trip doesn’t that make you feel cheap and you relax in an upgraded room?

  10. Although this post is 2.5 years old, I was able to use it and get my missing points posted to my account. Thank you!!!

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