Delta 777 Flat-Bed Business Class Review – Atlanta To Los Angeles

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Many savvy frequent flyers know that picking a specific plane can make the flying experience that much better. For me, I always pick the 777 when I can, especially when it’s Delta’s internationally configured plane with flat-bed Business Elite seats on a domestic route.

I picked the one flight of the day operated by Delta’s 777 from Atlanta to Los Angles. This exact plane would continue on to Sydney after a brief stop in Los Angeles. By picking this internationally configured flight, it meant I had a better shot at being upgraded to a flat-bed Business Elite seat from my Q coach fare simply because of the large number of seats up front.


Regular readers know my dilemma, that is picking the best seat available on Delta’s 777 in Business Elite. So when my complimentary upgrade was processed due to my Delta Platinum status, I instantly started strategizing around seat selection.

In the past, I asked readers which seat would be the best to sit with an infant in arms. My hypothesis was the best seat would be in row 6, 7 or 14. I was only partly right. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to get upgraded twice on Delta’s 777 since I was flying home on one the next day.

For this flight I selected 6 C and didn’t look back. 6 C is identical to 6 B so I got the same experience and was able to sit across the aisle from 7 D, which is identical to 7 A, except 7 D is near the lavatory on the right side of the plane.

I arrived at the new International F Terminal at Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport for my morning flight. Security lines in the F terminal are often non-existent, even though they don’t have TSA Pre-Check. So I always head to this terminal for early morning flights. Woops, the cat is out of the bag on that one.

I reviewed the Delta SkyClub in Terminal F on opening day and ordered what is now my favorite airline club lounge drink, the Delta non-stop. For this early morning flight it was a diet coke and fresh toasted bagel.

Delta F Terminal Sky Club

Delta’s Flat-Bed Business Elite Seat On The 777

Delta’s pod style seats on the 777 are second only to Delta’s new 747 Business Elite seats. These seats offer some of the greatest privacy in all of the Business Elite seats. If you pick your seat right on this plane, you could have a little extra space. I’ll illustrate the little extra space in my selection and pictures of seat 6 C.

Boarding began at the middle door for this flight to Los Angeles on Delta’s 777. My seat 6 C was in the forward cabin, so I went through the galley and turned left to find my seat on the left hand side.

Delta 777 Business Elite Seat View

As soon as I sat down to stretch out, the flight attendant, who I’ll just call Goldilox (no offense intended but he just had hair that instantly reminded me of the character) because I didn’t catch his name, immediately came over to offer a pre-departure drink.

Delta 777 Business Elite Seat

I went with a club soda for the pre-departure drink and it was delivered promptly.

Delta 777 Pre-Departure Drink

I got settled into my seat and flipped out the in-flight entertainment screen. It wasn’t enabled yet, but I knew this would be a great flight. No internet for distractions and a movie I wanted to see, Argo, had just become available.

Delta 777 Flat Bed Seat

The seat controls are to the left and include a number of options. I played around to find my optimal seat recline for the long flight out west.

Delta 777 Seat Controls

Next, I checked out the “bonus” space in this 777 Business Elite seat. Not all Business Elite seats on the Delta 777 have this extra nook. Only seats 7 A, 6 B, 6 C, 7 D, and seats 14 A – D have the extra space. I must say, it came in handy, and this is one seat I would recommend to anyone with an infant in arms.

Delta 777 Seat 6 C Extra Space

Once the flight got up to cruising altitude I clicked on the movie Argo to settle in for an entertaining movie. Normally, I boot up the laptop and work away for the entire flight. But since this was an internationally configured 777, it didn’t have wifi, so no emails and distractions on this flight.

Delta 777 In Flight Entertainment

Mrs Weekly Flyer never likes when I fly international configured planes because I get to see all the movies that just come out before her 🙂

Delta 777 Flat Bed Entertainment Screen

The breakfast option on this flight was the cheese omelet with Canadian bacon or a granola breakfast. I went with the omelet and it was delicious.

Delta Cheese Omelette

Delta Cheese Omelette 2

After watching a movie and eating a great breakfast, it was time for a nap before my big day in Los Angeles. I used the seat controls to recline into the fully flat-bed position and caught a little nap. I always get good sleep in these flat-bed seats.

Delta 777 FLat Bed On 777

Bottom Line

Selecting one of Delta’s large planes with flat-bed seating on a domestic route is a great way to increase your chances of experiences international Business Class for a fraction of the price. Of course you have to have status to count on the complimentary upgrade from coach.

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Being Platinum member certainly helped me get the upgrade on only a coach ticket. But on the return 777 flight the next day, the complimentary was going to be a close call.

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  1. “..near the laboratory”?:) Ha, maybe lavatory?
    Great report. We watched ‘Argo’ on DAL also(ATL-FCO).

  2. Great post. If you have reviewed best seats on 747 Business Elite when travelling with companion, please post. Many thanks for some excellent reporting

  3. You won’t like this, but we’ll get over it… I was just fine with this interesting post until I saw “Infant in Arms.” Infants and other small things belong in coach. I know, you got a status-based upgrade and it is difficult for Delta or any other carrier to decline your ‘right’ to an upgrade. Just the same, kids ought not be riding in BC or higher – until they are old enough to abide by the rules. I think you got lucky this time.

  4. Hi Geoff – Thanks. Yes, agree it was a good movie.

    Hi Dicky B – Thanks. The 747 seats are the only BE seats I haven’t flown on yet.

    Hi Cook – “got lucky this time” with what? I was solo on this flight. You are entitled to your own opinion.

  5. If you can get an Internationally configured 767ER vs a 777 do it every time. I fly 12 or more round trips a year to Europe from ATL. The foot space in the 767 Business Elite flat bed is twice what it is on the 777. If you can get row 1 A,B,C or D on the 767ER do that too. You get even more foot space though be aware of the chatter from the galley. And psst…Concourse F does have a TSA pre check. It’s the furthest right lane as you go through security.

  6. I can’t believe the 777 BE seats are your favorite. By far these are my least favorite of all of the BE seating choices. Whoever configured these obviously was never going to fly in them. They just don’t make sense…for any flyer. I fly alone a lot so I pick the window seat (7A). Because of the angle of the seat, I have no view out of a window and what do I get to face the whole trip? The legs of the person in 6B and the side of the head of the person in 5B. For the traveling companions, I’m almost disgusted that Delta still has these seats. Every single flight (I take the exact same ATL-LAX flight once a month) I see couples getting on, having chosen XB & XC because they are next to each other, only to find out they’ll be facing away from each other the whole flight. My favorite BE seats are the A330 and 747s, which face towards the windows on the outboard seats (great for people flying single) or face towards each other on the middle seats (great for people flying together). My second favorite is the 767-3E BE seats (1A or 1D because of the massive amount of leg room) as they are still very private (outboard). They need to change the 777 immediately.

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