Delta Secrets – VIP Select Service Is The Most Elite

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Delta offers an elevated service level called VIP Select. A quick check with Delta provided a little insight into the benefits, the cost and where exactly this service is available.

Delta VIP Select

The cost is $125 for a one person, $200 for a couple and $125 for each additional person after that.

To add the VIP select service to your reservation simply call 1-855-235-9847 for the dedicated VIP Select service line.

Currently, the VIP Select service is available for departures out of JFK, SFO, and LAX. Contrary to common belief, the service is not available in Atlanta. The Atlanta Porsche service is only available for IROPs for big ticket spenders and cannot be reserved in advance.

Delta VIP Select Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Personal escort from curbside to departure gate
  • Pre-checked baggage and advanced printing of boarding documents
  • Discreet boarding
  • Complimentary SkyClub access
  • Coordination with VIP/entertainer car service

VIP select is only available for passengers departing from  Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York-JFK, and San Francisco.

Bottom Line

Even at the top of the Delta Medallion food chain there is always a bigger fish in the sea for Delta to catch. And here I was feeling extra special with my complimentary upgrade to Delta’s flat-bed Business Elite seat on their domestic flight operated by a Delta 777.

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  1. Pricing is odd. Fow a group of 4 it would be cheaper to break into two groups of two.

  2. I’ve used this service at JFK. Being a diamond means nothing when a VIP Select clent flying is on your plane. I was in the actual terminal for no more than 5 minutes. This was from the time 2 VIP Select Customer Service Agents met my car at the curb with pre-printed boarding passes and bag tags in hand to when I boarded the plane. My travel companion and myself were taken through an un marked security line directly to the x-ray machines where the Delta CSA loaded all of our things into bins and put them directly through the machine, she heads to move other people’s bins out of the way to do this. Then she took the bins to the tables they have so you can put your shoes back on ect. From there we were taken to the closest gate to security and led outside to a waiting Porsche that took us to an elevator that brings you to an area directly next to the Sky Club. Once we were in the Sky Club she found us the quietest area and told us what time she would be back. The time she gave us was about 5 minutes from the departure time. When that time arrive she came back to escort us to the plane. The departure gate was 3 gates away from the Sky Club. Instead of walking to the gate she again took us to an elevator behind unmarked doors. When we stepped off of the elevator the Porsche was waiting. We were driven to the plane where we would end up boarding from outdoor stairs. However, when arrived to the plane we told to wait in the car with the driver. She sent him a txt msg a few minutes later letting him know that all of the other passengers had boarded. At this point he escorted us directly to our seats where overhead bin space had been reserved. It was a great experience. It is more expensive than the prices listed in this article but I think the prices were recently raised. Also, this is not a program that everyone can buy like American’s 5 Star Service. You or your company has to have some kind of relationship with Delta. I was told during my time with them that they are actually about to make the restrictions even tighter. If you are in a position where you are able to book this service I would definitely give it a try.

  3. I used VIP Select this past Sunday at JFK. The prices you have listed are not current. This service is much more expense now. I was also to by my Delta Porsche driver that they are planing to really tighten up who can use the service. The service is amazing, If it’s in your budget and they allow you to book the service I would highly recommend it.

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