Hotel VIP Trick – Make Your Room Cooler

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This trick never gets old, especially during summer. Here is a simple trick to get the VIP treatment you deserve out of hotel stays, plus, you’re virtually guaranteed to make your room a cooler one. This unique trick usually works at Hyatt, InterContinental, Hilton, Westin, and sometimes even Marriott hotels.

A Few Simple Steps To Get VIP Treatment And Cooler Room

  • While holding down “display”
  • Press “off”
  • Then Press “Up” arrow
  • Release “display” button

After following these instructions, you should see the code below (VIP) on your INNCOM thermostat.


What Does This Do?

Using the VIP trick above allows guests to override the INNCOM thermostat settings and into VIP mode. This will allow you to set the thermostat as low as 60 degrees. Normally hotels limit the thermostat to 65 degrees.

Bottom Line

This trick can definitely come in handy on a hot summer day. Give this a try during your next hotel stay and let us know if you got the VIP treatment and a cooler room you deserve.

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  1. I have used this MANY times in the past, BUT my past 2 hotels, either SPG or Hyatt, this did NOT work

  2. sshh….This is always the first thing I do when I get to my hotel room. Interestingly, this trick did not work at the Hilton Tysons Corner, where FTU3 was recently held!

  3. This is one of the best blog posts ever if it really works. The comment by Michael Belisle just proves the point that people must have very different temperature sensitivity. To me, 5 degrees difference makes a HUGE difference. Wish it didn’t, but it does. I don’t travel in Europe during the summer because I know I won’t enjoy it, since hotel air con there is hit or miss.

  4. Nice to know… however, consider this. In the summer, when it’s hot outside we want to set the air con to 60 degrees, but in the winter when it’s cold, we set it to 80 degrees. Where is your comfort zone? How about 70 year round? I’m no tree hugger, but a little conservation is always helpful.

  5. Hi Greg – Appreciate the reply. While you may have a comfort zone of 70, not everyone else does. Low 60’s is a perfectly good comfort zone to many.

  6. I always wondered why no matter what I set it at they temps always stayed the same. Thanks for the tip and it will be used. You just made me a loyal reader of your posts.

  7. I canNOT stand 70 degrees. At home the high temp setting in our house is usually 65. Low at night is usually 56. This is year round.

    Needless to say, I am frequently uncomfortable with hotel room temps and I very much appreciate this posting ! Thank you.

  8. WOW…thanks for the valuable information. I generally need it very cold in order to sleep at night.

  9. So funny that you’ve posted this old trick to the blog because I just used it two days ago for my stay right now in Hawaii… it’s a lifesaver. They limited the temp to 68, and I’ve got it down to 64.

  10. Thanks for this tip. I messed it up a bit and it went into some other mode. After a few minutes it reset so I could try again. Would rewrite tip as follows:
    1. Press and hold Display button
    2. Press and release Off button
    3. Press and release Up arrow
    4. Release Display button.
    A few seconds later VIP shows on display. This just worked for me at the Waikiki Marriott on 9/16/13.

  11. Let’s be honest. Who really trusts the temp readout anyway. I’m sure it’s lowered in the summer and raised in the winter.

    Living in the Southern US, I keep my AC at 76 at home (at night), but that’s like 68 in hotel temp readings. Using a third party tstat, they’re usually 5F or so off of the real reading.

  12. Another thing this trick does (surprised no one has mentioned it) is disable the motion detector. In some hotels, if the motion detector doesn’t detect motion for a period of time, it will shut off the A/C. This isn’t as much of an issue during the day when you’re out (although on a hot day, it’s often nice to come into a cool room), but some have been known to shut off in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping (and hopefully not tossing and turning). Some people had resorted to extreme measures like bringing Mylar balloons to blow up and tie to the vent so the detector would see motion and keep the A/C on all night.

    I get the attractiveness of these thermostats to hotel managers, but seriously–who wants to pay big bucks for a fancy chain hotel only to wake up in a sweat?

  13. It’s not even “comfort zone”. Some chains have a real 70 degrees set as 65. Dying in heat and humidity at 72 degrees isn’t what anyone is paying for.

  14. Just did this in Orlando, FLA. Worked like a champ. Only got it down to 62, but that’s infinitely better than the 68 the room was locked at. To those posting that 70 is comfortable, well good for you, but don’t try and impose your 3rd world impression of luxury on me. It’s great to save energy, but not by force. I work my ass off in a hospitality industry all year long so I can get treated once a year to the same 5 star luxuryy clients expect. As such, I want to hang frozen meat in my room in the summer and walk around in my Speed Racer Underoos in the winter. Settling for anything less is just un-American.

  15. Wow!! That’s the coolest trick ever!! There’s nothing worse than being in a hot hotel room!! I’m staying at the Intercontinental right now and the thermostat wouldn’t let me get it colder than 65 degrees.. I sleep so much in a really cold room

  16. Yea thanks again! Best trick ever.. Some of the worst a/c units in hotel rooms are in NYC and I’m talking about at all the nice/upscale hotels.. When I’m in NYC in the summer time staying at one of the nice hotels in the city I am constantly hot the entire time! I have never found a hotel room in NYC that will get cold.. I can’t wait to see if this trick works the next time I’m in NYC.. Thanks again, I’ll holla at y’all later

  17. Usually works but not this time at the Sheraton Cleveland airport.
    Though it is cold outside, 72 is way too warm for sleeping. This thermostat keeps resetting when I sleep. Keep waking up roasting.

  18. I’m all for conservation but I love this trick because suddenly what a lot of hotels at least in the Midwest are passing off as luxury is super heavy comforters. While I am a fan of these in the winter I would much prefer at least the option of a light blanket in the the summer. Honestly I could be very comfortable in that 65-68 range if I weren’t being smothered by a 20lb quilt.

  19. True, why should we be forced into conservation mode by someone else? I have a right to live it up because I am one of the few that works so hard. Who cares if we screw up the environment for tree huggers. When the air turns into a think smog and we cannot breath then I will worry about it. I also have the right to take long showers and water my lawn as much as I feel like. If we run out of clean water, tough, we will deal with it when it happens. I deserve to live like I want, my comfort is more important than anything else.

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