Chase Credit Card Management Tips

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Chase offers several of the very best signup offers so if you are reading Boarding Area there is a good chance you may have or may have gone through several Chase products.  Managing lots of active and inactive credit cards is very time-consuming so I use the following two simple tricks to make my life a little bit easier.

Tip #1:  Cancel Chase credit cards via secure message

Despite the fact that Chase has excellent phone customer service on most of their credit cards, I still prefer to save time and not make a phone call to cancel a card.  It is possible that a cancellation call may result in a retention bonus but personally I just hate that back and forth dance.  If you want your account closed within hours you can send a secure message to Chase and ask them to close your account.  A typical message I use goes something like this.

“Please close my Southwest Business credit account ending in XXXX. I prefer using another Chase product, the Ink Plus, for my small business. The benefits are similar and I would like to consolidate my spend onto one card.
Thank you.”

Within hours you should receive a message like this.

“Thank you for contacting Chase to consolidate the credit lines. I am pleased to inform you that I processed your request to consolidate your credit lines to one account. Your remaining open account is the account ending in XXXX, and the increased credit line for that account is $XX,000.00.
I have closed your account ending in XXXX as requested.”

Tip #2: Hide closed Chase credit card accounts online

When you close a Chase account, the closed account remains on your Chase online account profile for several months even though there is obviously no activity..  If you are completely done with the cards and closed out the balance, you can hide the closed accounts so you don’t have to keep seeing them every time you login.  You can hide any closed accounts using the following steps.

  1. Click the Customer Center tab on the My Accounts Page
  2. Click on the “Show/Hide accounts” link under My
  3. Select the account you want to hide.
  4. Click “Submit Changes” to process your request.

The bottom line

Hopefully these two simple tips can reduce time managing your Chase accounts to free up more of your time to waste in other aspects of collecting and spending frequent flyer miles. Smile

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  1. You don’t have to hide it. Just send a secure message asking for it to be removed from your accounts page.

  2. Can you cancel Citi Cards with online message? I have to cancel my TY premier card and like you, would rather avoid the whole back and forth. Thanks for any input

  3. But can you transfer a credit line along with closing an account via secure message? Otherwise your credit score may take a hit.

  4. Chase retention calls are awesome:
    United MileagePlus card = 10,000 united mile + 2 extra United club passes in 2 retention calls.
    Ink Bold = $47.50 statement credit (half the $95 annual fee) or 5,000 UR points.
    Marriott Card = make 15 purchases and get 5,000 bonus Marriott points (bought 15 $1 amazon gift certificates)

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