Last Vestige Of The Mileage Runner & Is DPM The New Metric?

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An important question is raised by the impending roll-out of Delta Medallion Qualifying Dollars (MQDs) and United’s future roll-out of the Premier Qualifying Dollars (PQDs). Is American Airlines the last vestige of the Mileage Runner? And is DPM the new mileage running metric to measure a successful flight?

I would say yes, at least for the domestic U.S. mileage runner. But I would venture to guess that American Airlines will change their policy as well.

Mileage running is the term coined for folks who fly to earn airline miles and status. The common metric to measure the success of a mileage run is CPM or cents per mile. Folks travel around the world on cheap fares experiencing great places all the while earning miles and status along the way. But airlines are beginning to catch on and frequent flyers are reacting. Already the Wandering Aramean is claiming his mileage running days are numbered, while others are suggesting they might just increase their travel budgets all in the search of higher status and a better CPM.

I don’t suspect these changes will impact the average business traveler, especially those who travel internationally in Business Class for work like the Rapid Travel Chai.

This frequent business traveler hasn’t paid much attention to CPMs in the past and likely won’t in the future. After all, I measure my flight success not in CPMs but on the quality of DPMs (Drinks Per Mile). I average about .002 DPM on an average flight and with high quality like the Woodford Reserve below. What’s your average DPM?

Mileage Runners, how will the spending requirement changes affect your flying patterns and what will motivate your future travel if not CPM?

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  1. I used to average elite status on about 3.2 cents/EQM from 1999 to 2005. My mileage run days ended in 2007. I got tired of having my travel schedule dictated by airfare deals.

  2. Wow, JAN/ATL/LGA is 1,260 miles. At 0.002 DPM, I would have 2.5 drinks every Friday on my way home.

    I have probably passed that by the time I am in the Sky Club at Atlanta waiting for my New York flight….. 😉

    And then there is at least 2 on the New York flight. However, no drinks when I head back to work on Monday so I guess it all evens out.

  3. It has caused a debate for sure. The fly less and just pay for things I want out of the flight, or fly more, spend more and get more from status. Not sure which way i’m going to go on this yet.

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