AwardWallet Plus Giveaway – Best Use For 5,000 Aeroplan Miles Expiring

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AwardWallet is the best way to track your points and miles balances. A cool feature is how AwardWallet notifies you when one of your loyalty accounts has miles or points that are about to expire.

For example, I have about 5,000 Aeroplan miles that are about to expire in December that I earned from the SPG Aeroplan promotion last year. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them, but it’s still pretty cool how AwardWallet lets me know they are going to go away soon.

AwardWallet Notification

AwardWallet Plus Giveaway

Since I have these miles, havne’t decided what to with them, and they are about to expire. I’m giving readers a chance to win one of two AwardWallet Plus upgrades by sharing what is the best way to use these miles.

Simply leave a comment answering the question below:

There are several ways to use 5,000 Aeroplan miles. How would you use them?

We’ll select two lucky winners on Thursday at 5 PM ET based on quality of entry and method on how to use the miles. Each of the winners will win one upgrade to AwardWallet Plus. Only one entry per person please.

Bottom Line

AwardWallet is great for tracking points and miles account balances. It really adds a degree of simplicity with tracking points and miles.

If you don’t already have an account, feel free to signup for a new account here or leave your referral link in the comment section below.

What would you do with 5,000 Aeroplan miles if they were about to expire?

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  1. I think that donating them to Veterinarians Without Borders is a very good worthwhile cause that should be given serious consideration.

  2. Given that it’s been 48 days since AwardWallet last updated your Aeroplan account, I would first of all verify through Aeroplan that the miles are indeed expiring. Second, even if they are, as long as there is any activity in your account in the past 12 months (either earning or redemption) the clock should reset on expiration. I would look to see if you had a cheap way to reset the expiration clock, if the miles are indeed expiring.

  3. I remember I redeemed prepaid telephone cards (6 cards total, each has 100 minutes for long distance calls if I remember it right). It doesn’t seem appealing to a lot of people, but for me it is great when I travel in Canada and I had to call a hotel in Japan twice when my travel plan changed.

  4. I would use 4,500 miles to buy the FTD $40 gift card and then wait until there was a Airline Shopping Mall Promotion (ie. valentine day..) for X10 or more and use that as money for points for miles I actual want. As a matter of fact I think I will take my own advice right now.

  5. Apply for a first year free Amex or CIBC card to get the total up to 20,000. Then redeem for a regional reward on Singapore with little or no fuel surcharge. Alternatively, get the total to 30,000, redeem from the beginning of 2013 a European oneway on UK or US metal to keep the fuel surcharge low, and do the other leg on Icelandic, effectively doing Europe with a stop over in Iceland and an optional double open jaw.

  6. I immediately thought of donating the miles, but hadn’t realized how easy AC makes it. Schools without Borders would be my recommendation.

  7. I loved getting 51 issues of the Economist for 1700 Mileage plus miles, if there redemption rate is anywhere near that good it’s a great way to spend them.

  8. Donation as they aren’t worth much at 5000 miles

    Otherwise, convert to other programs or get gift cards

  9. Wait.. I thought Aeroplan stops expiring, starting 1/1/2014
    so you should ask “how to trigger an activity” so your 5000 AE miles won’t expire – buy something from eStore, donation, ask someone in Canada to input your AE # at Esso gas station, etc..

  10. Brett beat me to it, but you can use to convert 5,000 Aeroplan miles into 1,866 AA or 1,866 United miles. Depending on how much you value those miles, it might be more worthwhile than getting a gift card.

  11. I would actually spend $100 on and trade them out for whatever necessary AA/UA miles needed to get my next F award trip, especially if I’m just a few thousand miles short…

  12. Also on, you can convert 2-6 miles from other programs into 1 Aeroplan mile. That might be a good deal to reset your expiration period.

  13. I have been looking at options to redeem some small amount of Aeroplan miles too and after reading these comments I am wondering how much will it cost in fuel surcharges and fees to fly from PVG to ICN on Asiana. If it is small ($20 – $30) it might be worthwhile to transfer some MR points vs. buying a ticket for $320.

  14. It may not be the most efficient/optimal use of 5000 miles but I think the hop on, hop off bus sightseeing tour in Paris would be a lot of fun!

  15. Donate them to Médecins Sans Frontières and help fly doctors to provide medical care in some of the world’s most dangerous places–where most doctors would never dare to go.

  16. I would redeem for a primus 6 x 100 minute long distance telephone gift card to call anyone in the world from Canada or the us. This costs 5,000 aeroplan miles.

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