Concierge Key, Global Services, and now Delta 360

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Delta started rolling out their new exclusive invitation only VIP level known as Delta 360. For comparison, American has Concierge Key and United offers Global Services, so Delta’s version will be called Delta 360. Previously they have had invitation levels such as Executive Partner and Flying Colonel.

Delta 360 is currently in the trial phase and only a small group off their top Diamond Medallion members were invited at this point who will be part of the trial through February 2014.

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Benefits of Delta 360 include:

  • The highest level of service from our Reservations Specialists and top priority call response from our Delta 360 desk; simply call the phone number on the back of your Medallion card and upon entering your SkyMiles number you will be routed to our dedicated team.
  • Assistance in making tight connections, in select airports (meaning Porsche pick-up’s in Atlanta)
  • Day-of-travel monitoring and proactive rebooking by a dedicated team of Specialists Highest rebooking priority if your flight changes

Bottom Line

At this point in time, it is invitation only, meaning unless you are a big spender Diamond Medallion, you aren’t getting an invite. I think the biggest benefit is the assistance in making tight connections, since that almost ensures you’ll be getting a Porsche pick-up. I would love to be invited to this new uber exclusive Delta club.

Invitee’s started receiving notification today, so if you were lucky enough to receive one, please post below!

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  1. I’ve been a DL Diamond since it’s inception and currently have ~226,000 MQM’s this year, but no invite for me. Probably related to my spend where I’m just at $11,000 for the year.

    I wonder what you have to spend to get invited?

  2. Hi Jason – The requirements to be invited haven’t been published, but we are waiting for first hand reports. The invitees should receive their invitations in the next few days so…we’ll hear soon. A good friend will likely be invited but, he’s leaving tonight for Australia. We’ll hear soon though. Stay tuned…

  3. I’m guessing the spend requirements are at least $40-50K, probably on DL or DL-invested metal. Up until this year, I was averaging about $25K/150-200K MQMs annually on DL and I can assure you there was really no special love beyond DM status (although I do remember a conversation with a 300K MQM flier and he mentioned that he had access to an elevated level of service)

  4. The listed benefits are closer to Concierge Key than Global Services, where status makes a difference only if there’s an IRROP.

  5. Got special concierge treatment at SLC this week (early boarding and “thanks” from the pilot) who commented on the letter I “should have received”. Not sure if I will. He told me I was top 5% in the Delta system with 1.2 million MQMs, 5 million miles, and more than $100k spend this year. But no letter here. So it must require much more to qualify.

  6. I received my invite, was greeted at the gate last night in SLC and the person explained the benefits of the program to me. Lets see what benefits this new program will bring.

  7. My husband is a DL 400,000+ miles and received the invite. He doesn’t see a lot of personal value to the program. He received a “Porsche” escort with 2 other DL members on a connection in Atlanta on his way to Paris. It wasn’t a tight connection and it wasn’t necessary. Other than that, once you reach Diamond status (at 125,000), it doesn’t make much sense to rack up more miles with Delta.

  8. I’ve been a Diamond since the inception and did get an invite. I make mine by taking 14-16 B-class trips to Europe per year (so I’m a high rev guy). Today was the first time I used it. Great assistance from the reservations desk. No Porsche yet.

  9. Received invite today, but have not flown yet. I have been diamond since inception, typically hit it on segments (183 last year) and miss it on miles. Memphis is home airport and it is expensive, so I ususally spend $40,000 – $55,000 a year on flights. Glad to see a new level, as I don’t have a Delta credit card and always feel like the non-flyer, credit card users are watering down Delta’s status.

  10. Got mine today. Let’s see what it gets you. I spend over $100K last year, flew over 200K miles and had 600K MQM’s.

    All of this and I don’t get upgraded on two domestic trips this year. Also boarding during Sky Priority is a cattle call. The need a seperate boarding for 360 and Diamond.

  11. Got an invite today. Can’t really see many benefits – I make my arrangements through corporate travel sites by requirement – Porsche pick-up, I’ll believe it when I see it. We had that with SwissAir and HonClub in Zurich where expedited check in, special lounge and travel to all flights was via Cayenne’s. That would be special. A couple of Porsche’s to help when there’s a tight flight is nice, but will wait to see how great this is. FYI – 300k+ miles/year. $75k+ spend.

  12. I just got the invite to 360 this year. Flying to UK next week. Let’s see if the Porsche shows up. The letter says I will be receiving my 360 credentials in a few weeks. I’m always skeptical about Delta’s Medallion service. I agree with some of the other posts it’s still one big cattle call.

  13. The invite was received and I was greeted at the gate when my flight was delayed, miles were offered for my inconvenience and a flight re booked due to later flight cancelling, I had no idea that had happened it was seamless, needless to say when they offered me a ride in a porsche I thought they were trying to sell me something until I realized I had been invited to the 360 club! It is a nice start and a surprise so I am looking forward to how they maintain this excellent service.

  14. my profile shows DL360, never got a letter or credentials, just noticed it today. I spend about 100K per year and 250K+ MQM every year. I had never heard of it till today, March 1, 2014, googled it and found this page and explination. Certainly have not gotten any preferential treatments, bumped in Seattle after my incoming flight from Shanghai was delayed 4 hours, BC ticket, waited through the next 4 flights before getting on to Atlanta. Pretty poor treatment in Seattle and certainly no premium welcome or assitance.

  15. Help!! We are in the air expecting to land 15 minutes late into Atlanta and must make our connection into Leon Mexico at gate f9 – leaving at 11:15 — can you help or notify the plane at gate F9? Thanks!!

  16. Did anyone living outside the U.S. get DL360? My registered address is in China. I am at approximately $50K/year and 150K MQMs, 1 Million miler with more than 5M total miles. i have been Diamond since they “chartered” it and have been the highest Delta (and before that NW) status every year since about 2001. Based on others’ comments I might not have gotten 360 anyway with my statistics, but I do wonder whether I am “close” or whether they would exclude me for my foreign address.

  17. I’m a 360 and it doesn’t mean anything. When you have lots of time they pick you up in the Porsche–which involves climbing down the outside stairs and then back up the outside stairs for a 2 minute ride–but when you need something and call the number the people on the phone make promises that the people at the gate will not honor. It is really all kind of silly.

  18. Received mine last night. Looks like the addition from when everyone else recvd theirs in 2014 is highest priority for first for you and companion. So many of the complaints I have read here today may be working. 200k+ MQM and 65k+ MQD. I hope to see a didference in service with the 360. Otherwise it is all smoke and mirrors.

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