Awesome First Flight With Electronic Devices At All Stages This Weekend On Delta

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We took our first flight this weekend where we were able to use electronic devices during all stages of flight. It certainly changes the game a bit, both in the ability to take pictures during take-off and landing like the ones below and in productivity.

The big airline news this past week was that both Delta and JetBlue filed requests to allow passengers to use electronic devices during all stages of flight. Then the FAA approved both Delta and JetBlue to allow passengers to use electronic devices during all stages of flight.

My first flight is complete and I’ll share my general impressions.

The first thing I noticed was the announcement from the pilot. The pilot announced the following over the speakers shortly before take-off.

Excited to tell you we no longer have to tell you to put away your electronic devices. As long as they are in airplane mode

This is completely different from what I’ve heard over the last decade. It was a welcome sound to hear.

Then take-off came. I had my iPhone out to take a few pictures and my seatmate in this MD88 had their iPad out catching up on some reading.

Delta flight landing with electronic devices 5

In general, it doesn’t change much for me. I am usually most productive while connected and since the requirement was to keep the phone in airplane mode, I really only listened to music and took some photos. But I imagine it will help others by being able to complete reports, continue reviewing electronic copies, etc.

Then came the landing. It was the first time I was allowed to take pictures during landing so of course I did. We approached the airport from the east and I captured the following pictures during the approach and landing.

Delta flight landing with electronic devices 4

Delta flight landing with electronic devices 3Delta flight landing with electronic devices 1

Delta flight landing with electronic devices 2

Bottom Line

Delta now allows customers to use electronic devices during all stages of flight as long as the devices are in airplane mode. For my first leisure flight it was a welcome change being able to listen to music, take pictures and read a few items on my device. I imagine the real benefit will be for the business traveling who is under pressure to keep working during take-off, flight and landing.

Have you taken a flight yet when electronic devices were allowed? If so, what did you think? If not, how much do you think it will change your flight experience and in what ways?

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