Delta Drastically Reducing Number of First Class Seats on 757’s

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Per this Flyertalk post, Chris Babb, Manager Customer Experience – Aircraft posted that Delta is planning to reduce their 757-200 aircrafts serving the domestic and Hawaii regions from 24-26 seats to only 20 seats.


As a Medallion member, expect to sit in coach more often on Delta’s 757-200’s.

Dropping 6 seats on the popular 75X, down from 26 to only 20 seats is a major change, and another devaluation for Medallion members.

If you’ve experience flights on their 757’s with long upgrade lists, just imagine how much harder it will now be to get an upgrade with this reduced amount of first class seats.

However a positive update is that they will be adding 4 seats back to the A320’s which will bring the first class offerings up from 12 seats to 16 saets.

Once all modifications are made, these are the number of First Class seats each plane type will have:
A319 12
717-200 12
737-700 12
A320 16 (up from 12 seats)
MD88 16
MD90 16
737-800 16
757-200 Transcon 16
757-200 Interport/Pacific 18
757-200 Domestic/Hawaii 20 (down from 24-26 seats)
737-900ER 20
757-300 24
767-300 30

Bottom Line

Delta’s has many 757’s in their fleet so I’m disappointed that they are dropping these first class from 26 down to 20. However, as a pro they are adding 4 seats back to the A320’s to bring it up to 16 seats.

What are your thoughts on the latest Delta devaluation?

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  1. I am not suprised. I do 4 flights a week and usually make first. Pretty much everyone up there is sporting a Diamond tag, so I am guesing it is not a great revenue source.


  2. Seemed inevitable as they’re going to start replacing them with the 737-900ER and those only have 20 seats.

  3. @Shrewd Travel- I was afraid this would have happened once Delta announced only 20 First Class seats on the 737-900’s.

  4. and in line with the 321…
    At least with more Economy comfort more medallions will get something better than economy, but it stings

  5. get used to Econ Comf! really, i’m not these 2-3 flights for the food, early board & leg rooms makes me pretty happy, even DL on-line check in prints free drink tickets. seriously the NW 320 were under 1st seats, so that is improved. i’m MD Plat but not much upgrade relief, but do travel btw MSP & SLC hubs. i like the F ration on E175 & 190s w/ 9 in 1st, favorite seat 2a window+aisle no bulk head

  6. Delta has, on average, more F seats than any other mainline carriers in essentially all of their fleet. They give a little and get a little with this change. If you aren’t happy, consider flying UA.

  7. Come on! The reduction is NOT all that big. Wile it may reduce your odds of an upgrade, that is NOT why airlines have First Class Seats; the have them to sell. If FC does not sell well on a groups of routes serviced by a particular aircraft, of course they will reduce their numbers. And no, the do not want to make it easy for award flyers or those entitled to upgrades; that is a waste of money for them. We never know what they spend on catering, but if there is no FC seat to be filled by a freeloader, they save the (high) cost of having to cater that seat. And of course – with this seat cut, they can also add one or two rows of premium economy seats and upgrade you into one of those; no or minimal catering, bland service and many of them to sell, at least on some routes. All seats are provided to produce income. FC seats provide a lot of revenue, but unsold ones, occupied by freeloaders are considered negative cash flow. So… what’s your beef really about?

  8. Yay! More seats in F on the A320! Better dust off those knee pads, you’re going to need them.

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