When Resetting To Zero Is Great

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Every year the frequent flyer typically dreads seeing their loyalty program elite mileage tracker reset to zero.

Delta Account Reset To Zero

But with all the news lately it’s hard not to avoid considering it a blessing in disguise. You see, when you are beholden to a carrier with loyalty in exchange for benefits, you feel a sense of need to continue to fly with that carrier. But it’s a two way street in most cases.

Over the past years I’ve wringed my neck to (1) find award flights in the same premium cabin to the west coast, (2) justify the term “partner” in the alliance program and very importantly (3) find a good drink in a Sky Club.

The Scoresby Scotch is labeled “very rare” for a good reason. It is very rare you’ll find this Scotch anywhere. At $12 for a 750 ml bottle it hits the palate like a bowl of dog water. Very rare indeed.

Scoresby Scotch Delta Sky Club

The Gordon’s Vodka is best early morning after a hangover mixed with 3/4 orange juice. At least this way you can handle the gentle brush of razor blades across the tongue and won’t notice a headache from the one from the night before.


Those aren’t even the biggest reasons why resetting a loyalty account to zero can be a blessing in disguise. Sitting here I am after Delta’s latest announcement, holding the bag, with thousands of dollars awaiting to be spent on airline travel and wondering, how I”ll get Mrs. and Baby Weekly Flyer into a lounge on the next very few and far between trips that we actually take together on our beholden journey with said carrier. No way am I paying $695 for a Sky Club product that I already found inadequate given my own reasons.

There are way better places to get a proper drink. If Mrs. Weekly Flyer didn’t already have her own Platinum Card® from American Express she picked up with a 100,000 signup bonus, I’d consider adding her as an additional cardholder. Or I’d sign her up with a Club Lounge Membership from the Ink Plus® Business Card. Regardless of what happens, we’ll get into a lounge, but will require a few changes to our strategy, including the exact lounge it is that we visit, and maybe, just maybe the carrier along with it.

Delta JFK T4 Sky Club Seating.jpg

It’s a great time to have a zero status earning balance, wouldn’t you say?

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  1. Joseph… This is deep…make sure you have a full glass of scotch at hand to get through it all, but it is worth it. Thank you for sharing!

    Scotch is “good.” [I know that already there are those folks who argue this as subjective. Well…whatever. It is a universal truth whether you believe it or not….

    Nose: When it comes to floor paints, Scoresby is well above the lesser Glidden and just below the higher quality Behr. It does have a long way to go to reach the caliber of Sherwyn Williams. But relatively speaking, this was my first thought, and it only applies to floor paints. It could be different if I’d been thinking of waterproofing or indoor wall coverings.

    Palate: This was tough….

    Finish: Long-lasting and enjoyable, like a migraine combined with the difficulty of trying to run away from that lion while one of your principle limbs has fallen asleep, except this time, it’s not just your leg, but your face, too.

  2. Hi Joseph – Thank you again for adding the link to angelsportion. Great reading for Scotch lovers. I’ll leave you with this thrashing of Scoresby…

    Scoresby is hellish, as if it were wrenched from the venom-filled veins of Satan right into the bottle. Alternatively, consider the Laphroaig Quarter Cask. It is heavenly, and it carries with it an unearthly and aural joy. It stirs the imagination in the following way (at least for me)…

  3. Agree. We are making the move from delta platinum to US/AA. Long time in the making and finally taking the plunge.

  4. DL GM on the verge of challenging to AA PM because of Delta’s latest moves… they’re starting to have skies almost as “unfriendly” as UA!

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