A Delta 360 Experience…

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I recently received a rather smart looking letter from Delta via FedEx inviting me to their new 360 program…in fact my wife received the letter while I was away on business. Since I spent $115,000 plus last year and hold a Delta Reserve card, I was excited to be recognized but I thought to myself I won’t see a tremendous benefit since I live in a hub city. Was I wrong…


My Delta 360 Experience

I woke up in northern Virginia a couple weeks ago with 14 inches of freshly fallen snow and a flight scheduled for 6:00 PM that was surprising still showing as on time. I was skeptical of the on time from the beginning and being a seasoned business travel I already had a back up reservation the following day on a fully refundable basis…(always own your destiny when traveling).

When my phone rang about 11:00 I wasn’t too surprised to see a familiar Delta number but instead of a recording I was greeted by a friendly live voice…the Delta 360 desk. Not expecting any available flights that day I told the agent to book me on something Saturday morning (knowing that I had Friday covered). She came back with, “so you don’t want the 4:10 flight I have you confirmed on?”

My response: “4:10? Today?”

Delta 360 Desk: “Yes sir, I have you confirmed.”

My response: “I’ll take it!”

I made my way to the airport with time to spare to find that the 4:10 was one of the few flights operating.  I had a few difficulties checking in due to someone apparently calling the regular Delta number and changing my flight to Sunday.  I am assuming it was someone with a similar name and an overworked agent hadn’t fully reviewed the itinerary or the reservation history.  A call to the Diamond Medallion line which transferred me immediately to the 360 representatives quickly solved my problem and had me reconfirmed on the 4:10 and a boarding pass waiting with the ticket agent nearby.

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Bottom Line

The 360 desk did a fantastic job of fulfilling their pledge to provide “day-of-travel monitoring and proactive rebooking…”

I am now awaiting the opportunity for my ride in one of the Porches.  Given that I live in a hub city and try to never connect I may be waiting a while…



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  1. Awesome story! I love hearing reports like this, especially as a non-360 member myself. Keep ’em coming!

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