Delta’s New Transatlantic BusinessElite Menu from Atlanta

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Delta has launched some new BusinessElite dining options from Atlanta as part of their new Linton Hopkins BusinessElite Menu.


For those that don’t know about Linton Hopkins, he is an internationally celebrated chef with deep southern roots as a fifth-generation Atlantan. Hopkins focuses on community-driven cuisine and Southern hospitality.

In Atlanta, Hopkins is the Executive Chef and Owner of Restaurant Eugene and Holeman & Finch Public House, which includes three outposts at the Atlanta Braves’ Turner Field, and H&F Bread Co., among other endeavors.

Here’s a look at the new menu:

BusinessElite Appetizer

BusinessElite Appetizer

BusinessElite Starter

BusinessElite Starter

BusinessElite Main

BusinessElite Main

BusinessElite Dine and Rest Option

BusinessElite Dine and Rest Option

BusinessElite Sweet Delights

BusinessElite Sweet Delights

BusinessElite Arrival Breakfast

BusinessElite Arrival Breakfast

Bottom Line

Delta is really upping their BusinessElite dining. They recently launched new meals in BusinessElite from New York to London.

Be on the look out for Delta’s new meal offerings from Atlanta to Europe BusinessElite and be sure to report back if you are flying this route about how the new food is!

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  1. I find this menu pretentious, as well as revealing about the Atlanta cultural bubble that the Delta execs apparently live in. Atlanta is the epicenter of a movement towards haute cuisine spinoffs of traditional southern food. Look, it’s just not that good. And it’s kind of obnoxious that the rest of us have to get dragged along with nouveau riche southerners coming into consciousness about what good food tastes like. Stick to Waffle House and Coke.

  2. Don’t comment often, but need to agree with deltaplat. I see WAY too much influence in the form of “Southern” styled food on the menu, and I’m not sure it’s something I’d want on my flight.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem paying homage to your hometown hub with a few items on the menu, but it looks like they’re trying to make the entire menu a local Atlanta establishment.

  3. Hi Graham – I wouldn’t be so quick to agree with Delta Plat. H&F bread is great, Spotted Trotter has great meats – actually surprised to see they made the cut on the menu. Bottom line is these selections are good, and I would take them any day over some spicy peppered filet from another carrier’s First Class product.

  4. DeltaPlay – “Just not that good” Maybe you haven’t visited H&F or Eygene, or tried Spotted Trotter, BUT I have and they are all good in my book, no matter where you are from.

  5. Looks awesome! DO you know what routes this will be served on? Also is this only from ATL? Is it a different menu going to ATL? I’m taking SEA-ATL this summer in Business (Morning Flight) that’s why I ask.

    Thanks 🙂

  6. As a Southern ex-pat this menu looks damn good. Compared to other C-class menus (US carriers) across the pond it looks fantastic. Whether or not the reality matches the hype is a separate question but for now I’ll give Delta a lot credit for trying. I wonder if this is an early symptom of more competition between the remaining big three US carriers.

  7. So, I just attended a small cooking class with Chef Hopkins, where he talked a lot about the new menu and all of the effort it’s taken to make it happen. What’s interesting is that he’s working very hard not to compromise the quality of the prep in the food that it’d normally have in one of his restaurants. To that effect, the bread is backed fresh everyday by the H+F bakery, and delivered in every day (vs. weekly delivery and “stable” food service bread). There were challenges in being able to make quality chicken stock in the commissary, so he built a facility to do it and bring it in from the farm.

    Everyone’s preferences for taste and menu are fine to debate up or down, but I’m undeniably excited that it’s “real” food that’s being prepared.

  8. An unfortunate failure of imagination: no vegetarian appetizer or entree, just bread and a pile of vegetables? They’re probably delicious, but an entree needs some kind of protein— cheese grits, creole devilled eggs, bacon-free black-eyed peas, something!

  9. Hey WeeklyFlyer-i’m sure the execution will be done well, and not knocking the quality of it at all, just stating a personal preference. The apps seem kind of limited (not a seafood guy), disappointed to see grits with the beef instead of potatoes of some kind, and i’d much rather just have chicken by itself than in a pot-pie. Again, just a personal preference, but the menu still seems sort of limited. Cheers.

  10. I am flying in biz from ATL to AMS in a week and will update. I love the new menu, but glad they kept the the French Toast and did not trade it for a Biscuit from Chick fil A. 🙂

  11. Hi Graham – To each his own, but it will be interesting to see how the pot-pie turns out. I’ll be sure to report back soon.

    HI Lee – Can’t wait to hear back on your trip. Have you made a selection yet on the main course?

  12. Either the beef or the grouper, but I usually ask the FA’s which is better when I am eating new airline food. It’s a week from tomorrow.

  13. I flew ATL to AMS last night with the new menu. I thought the food was really good, slightly better than the normal business elite menu. The shrimp starter was great, I was so so on the soup, but don’t generally like onion soups. The meat appetizer was amazing, but confess to missing a full salad which is not part of the menu. I has the beef and thought it was good, I don’t normally like grits, but these were seasoned to the point they passed for mashed potatoes. The bread was a step up from normal delta bread, and I loved the desert. The Chicken Pot pie looked good from a distance and covered the whole dinner plate. The grouper looked excellent and I think I would choose it next time over the beef. On the whole, I thought it was pretty good.and liked the change.

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