What Delta Didn’t Announce…

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We’ve all heard the terrible news of Delta’s new revenue based loyalty system, but there is another “enhancement” that Delta didn’t announce which will immediately impact everyone of our Points, Miles & Martinis readers who may take a Delta flight.

Huge Enhancement

As part of the 2014 elite packages that went out a subtle change was slipped in for some elites. This has a huge impact on the flying elites who have ever or planned to use the complimentary “Have One On Us” coupons for free drinks, etc.

Back in the good old days we used to get more drink coupons, but that is besides the point. The old drink coupons were bulky – some would even say clunky. They just didn’t work to fit nearly in your wallet.

Customers must have asked because they’ve rolled out a new “slim line” “Have One On Us” certificates.


The new “slim line” certs should fit nicely into any wallet or suit side pocket and no longer will you have to fold them or fumble around your bag for the old style certificate.

A good enhancement in my opinion, net the reduction in Job Well Done certificates, that will likely impact all your Thursday night happy hours.

Have you had a chance to use the new slim line certificates?

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  1. Was this before or after they kicked their flyers in the balls (again) with switching to a revenue based program?

  2. for many medallions, this change is beneficial by thinning the ranks and improving the definition of loyalty. However, on almost all routes I fly, I have found my earning to be slashed, but redemptions are the same price. Not sure if more low-level inventory will be enough to counter the effects of the devaluation

  3. As a lowly Silver Medallions I never got any HOOU certificates.
    But at least it seems like Delta started sending out the 2014 elite packages? Great! I will see when I will receive mine. I guess it will be some time in March.

  4. @Noah: More low-level award availability is easy to promise in press releases, but it’s hard to measure in any sort of meaningful way.

  5. The only major problem I have with this change is that it hurts my family. you know, the ones that put up with me going gone all year. They are the ones that get to use my accumulated miles. Based on my calculations (long haul and transcons in refundable coach), I’m going to accumulate about 50-60% less miles than I used to. That makes it harder to take a family of 5 someplace.

    Likely leaving Delta.

  6. @De: the kick in the balls is what they’re good at. The planning, timing and execution of this was done a long, long time ago. Don’t forget that as soon as DL collected all of the prime money making PA routes, DELTA fukt PA and fukt 99.5% of PA employees.

    Bette Davis line fits this situation perfectly: Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night (ride). And that it will be.

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