Major Change to Vanilla Reloads at CVS- Cash Only

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Per @Ringsthecaddy on Twitter, starting March 31, 2014, Vanilla Reload purchases at CVS will be cash only.


I have not heard this from my local store, so details are unclear if it will be at all stores or just certain ones yet.

Will this be the end of the Vanilla Reload game? Let’s hope not.

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  1. It’s a regional thing. No word about cash only at 4 stores in CA today. Everyone reporting it is from FL.

  2. Good, stop all the scammers, bloggers, and people technically taking cash advances and gaming the system. It’s about time.

  3. Were did this letter originate? I plan on going tomorrow and Monday to buy as many as I can just in case

  4. If you think about it it was costing CVS and anyone else paying by card 10 to 15 dollars a card for the transaction alone. Maybe they got a small part of the 3.95 but I bet that doesn’t cover the cc transaction charges

  5. I’ve only used cc to by VRL, but I’m wondering if they take (will take) debit cards. I’ve been thinking about adding a Suntrust Skymiles debit card to my checking account for this reason.

  6. The dude who sent the email is the category manager for prepaid cards at CVS

    I’ll check my local SoCal stores this evening but I imagine this will eventually hit all stores.

    Glad I just hit my $40k spend on AA Exec. But was hoping to make some money back to cover my costs.

  7. This is bad. I knew this couldn’t go on forever. I guess plan B is gift cards from the local grocery stores.

  8. Just bought 120K at 2 stores in Vegas no problem. Nothing said about it going away. I’ll be hunting for more tomorrow just in case.

    @Steve if you hate bloggers why you reading a blog?

  9. Bought $8k at 2 stores tonight. Avoided cc scan on $5k of them. I hope this is an April Fools joke but I did read about it a few weeks ago.. somewhere.

    $120k? $500 at a time? Damn, I already spent 30 mins doing this tonight.

  10. Saw a printout of this email at a cvs in New Hampshire. It’s real…and you can probably add New England to that list.

  11. It’s a funeral like atmosphere in the Bay Area and travel plans are already changing…….good thing the AA minimums are already met……..geez stop moving the goal posts!

  12. Steverino, ya gotta look at the facts! The only scammers I know of were banksters who gamed libor rates, illegally foreclosed on homes and were heavily involved in laundering drug money. The fine MS folk have been doing America a favor by helping to recapitalize the banking system (with its own money) assuring the country need never have another taxpayer bailout. By all rights, the MS folk should get a Nobel just like Obama’s!

  13. @Aloha You are so spot on and I think Jamie Dimon gets an assist as his aggressive credit card program has done much to spur spending IMHO……..I am planning a New Orleans inspired funeral procession outside my CVS on Monday at midnight…..this is a sad, sad day and my homies at CVS are going to miss my cheerful daily greetings…………and just this last week they did an extra bucks on the Netspend prepaid VISA so there is a Dissociative Identity Disorder going on it appears………..all trips are ON HOLD!

  14. Just bought 10 of them ($5K worth) right now in the OC with no problem, and there was no mention of the above by the on-duty manager.

  15. CVS nearest to me, in Los Angeles, CA, has gone cash only. I think it’s a rules policy, rather than something restricted at the cash register, for now. I was thinking about dropping them anyway, though, and not being able to buy from my closest CVS is an added incentive. So I guess that’s one less points person swiping the Vanilla Reloads from the shelves!

  16. Just tried purchasing it at Sugarland, Texas…..The transaction doesn’t go thru and says “Please submit another method of tender” So its confirmed that use cant use Credit cards to buy vanilla reloads at CVS anymore

  17. Hmmmmm…just returned from CVS. My guys say they haven’t got the memo. They did say most of the other (nonVR) cards are now sold cash. At least today all my chirpers got fed.

  18. I just checked at two different stores in the Chicago area and neither had heard anything about the memo.

  19. Bought a Vanilla reload a few hours ago in Chicago using my credit card. I asked the cashier if he had heard anything about Vanilla reloads being cash only as of tomorrow. He confirmed that his manager told him that a lot of prepaid cards will be cash only tomorrow and he thought Vanilla reloads are included.

  20. Just bought the last of my $5k tonight. Wish I had stocked up earlier, but the manager confirmed that he heard they were going cash only. Said he didn’t know when but knew it was soon. I’m in CT.

  21. Just bought vanilla reloads with a credit card today (3/31) at a CVS in Texas. So maybe regional?

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