Hilton Select Benefits and Is It Worth It?

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For those of you who are big Hilton fans, they offer two different types of memberships called Hilton Select and Hilton Select Premier, where you can get some decent benefits for joining, but both of these are at a hefty cost.

Hilton Select Benefits

Hilton Select Benefits:

  • Up to $200 back on future hotel stays through two certificates: one valid for the first six months and one for the last six months of membership. Each certificate is good for up to $100 for a one night stay at a Hilton Hotel anywhere in the U.S.
  • All the benefits of Hilton HHonors plus 5,000 Bonus Points
  • Best available rate guaranteed at Hilton properties worldwide
  • $25 Restaurant.com Gift Certificate every month — a $300 value
  • Cash-back on domestic airfare, rental cars and cruises
  • Discounts of up to 50% at thousands of retailers and restaurants nationwide
  • Roadside assistance with emergency road and tow benefits available 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Peace of mind travel protection
  • Costs $399 per year

Hilton Select Premier Benefits:

  • Two future hotel stay certificates doubled and good for up to $200 each toward a one night stay at a Hilton Hotel anywhere in the U.S.
  • Hilton HHonors Bonus Points are doubled to 10,000.
  • 24/7 Travel Concierge
  • Up to $40 per year in Wi-Fi Rebates for in-flight service purchases
  • 24/7 VIP Concierge
  • 24/7 remote U.S.-based support for your PC, Mac, software, digital cameras, smartphones, printers, MP3 players and tablets
  • 24/7 expert help on everything including pet health, nutrition, boarding and so much more
  • Costs $549 per year

HIlton Miami

Bottom Line

Hilton Select is a unique package with some cool benefits but there is a cost to it. For $399, you’re $200 back in Hilton stays and 5,000 Hilton points. There are many other travel perks that this comes with, so if you value these perks and then can use them, then this would have more value to you.

Hilton Select Premier costs $549 per year comes with basically $400 back in Hilton stays and 10,000 Hilton points as well as most of the perks that Hilton Select offers. The $40 WiFi fee credit is nice, but chances are you already have elite status with Hilton and get complimentary WiFi through that.

If looking for Hilton points, consider the Hilton Honors American Express Card.

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  1. Could you present thoughts for those that already have card and have used two free nights? Would either option provide additional benefits to those that have hilton credit card and thus gold membership?

  2. $40 is for in flight wifi not hotel wifi. I haven’t seen a status tier yet that comps in flight internet. I don’t see a lot of crossover between the credit card and the select benefits, so I don’t understand why you would suggest the credit card.

  3. There is also the $25 per month Restaurant.com ($300 total) that’s not a bad perk.

    But the $200/$400 hotel stay rebate is only good at Hilton hotels. Not any other Hilton brand, like Doubletree, Conrad, Hampton Inn..etc. That stinks.

    Cash back on hotel/airline/car reservation.. while 5% is nice, it has to be booked through Hilton Select website.. I don’t know how the rate is going to be through that website…

    It is an intriguing proposition… I may have to do more research on it… thanks for letting us know. I didn’t even know such memberships exists.

  4. Not sure if I would sign up online at the $399 rate, but after making a reservation for a trip I was transferred to Hilton Select and was offered a decent promotion. Save $140 to enroll at $259 – get $100 off next Hilton stay and get a Las Vegas or Orlando stay for 2 nights free. Same $300 for restaurant.com certificates as stated above and 5% cash back for travel booked with their travel service, discounts for shopping and dining. Coupons for groceries and other things. Should save me money during the year and with the promotion – seems like a decent way for HH members to enroll in the program.

  5. I love Hilton select!! I get so many discounts at places like kohls, Sam’s club, and Sears. I also purchased the membership over the phone after making a reservation with an awesome sales rep who was super patient and knowledgeable. I have easily used my restaurant.com certificates and I don’t know what people are complaining about… My membership even came with a 3/2 vacation to Vegas which I booked with no problems at all at an amazing resort! Definitely sign up over the phone with a live rep (they get commission so you’ll make their day) to get it for $140 cheaper than the site and a free vacation. Totally worth it I love Hilton Select and I’m definitely continuing my membership!

  6. Last year I paid almost $300.00 to join Hilton Select. Although my year membership is not up yet I was just told I could not take advantage of either of the free hotel certificates I was given upon sign up. Apparently the fine print (literally – 6 point font, hidden in a page worth of Terms and Conditions) says i have to book it within 6 months. Even though the main page says it’s good for one year, expiring 12/31/2015. Customer service response was “too bad.”
    They did remind me that i could use the “free” discounts. Every “discount” is a “get 10.00 off if you spend 60 or more..” type discount. Same with the restaurant “certificates.”

    I’m completely embarrassed that I allowed myself to give $300 to Hilton with NOTHING to show for it.

  7. Please do not trust the positive reviews. Trust your own investigation. I sincerely believe the only positive reviews or at least most of them are from workers at Hilton Select trying to save their reputation. I had two interactions with the company. The first ended with a manager making fun of my wife and hanging up on her. The second ended with the manager telling me that I lied about being promised a $100 certificate every 6 months. It’s clearly a part of the program and I signed up for the one that had that offer. The only thing I can imagine for denying me access to the second certificate is the company is about to fall apart or they are just a terrible scam. I called Hilton directly and they sent me a refund because Hilton Select refused to issue a refund for the program. They are not on BBB or any other site to complain, I wish they did not have the Hilton backing and so did the Hilton manager. She said they are working on distancing from this obvious scam. Please Please don’t make the same mistake as me. Please.

  8. i don’t recommend hilton select at all. so far i’ve found it bureaucratic, complex, and in many ways downright misleading. the sales pitch promises a bunch of stuff that they don’t deliver. i regret having wasted my money on this.

  9. I really don’t think this is a goods deal at all. I’ve used my 100 dollar certificate and submitted all the paper work needed, this was over two months ago, I have yet to receive my 100.00 dollars.
    I have called time and time again and now they tell me they have up to 90 days to send out a check! I have not received any grocery coupons or restaurant certificates! it’s a total scam.
    don’t waste your money. you get two nights at either Vegas or Florida, and you end up paying much more for air fare when you buy it separate, costumer service? I am not sure if they have a team or a person that works from home and only answers when he is available.
    I surely won’t recommend this program at all! if they want to give me a night, they should send me a certificate so I could use it up front, why do I need to wait 90 days to get my 100.00 dollars?

  10. As near as I can tell, this is 100% a complete SCAM! Do not fall for this. We have received ZERO in any kind of benefits, and cannot even get our 2 nights/3 days stay in Las Vegas at the time WE want, even though I have tried to book 4 to 6 months in advance! There are rooms available on the dates we want to stay at the Hilton Vacation Hotel, but when I called back and stated this, I was told “they only block a certain # of rooms at this extremely discounted price, and those rooms are not available at the times I requested! Do not buy into this, I am surprised Hilton is a part of this, as I have always enjoyed being a part of Hilton Honors. I am considering dropping the entire Hilton line….

  11. I paid $259 for a year and I read the fine print and thought it looked oka1y. what I didn’t factor in to my decision is how time consuming all of this paperwork is. Concerning the restaurant.com relationship to Hilton Select, I call HS customer service and was given the entire $25 to use at once, even though the same restaurant only offered a 10 or 15 credit – you can combine credits through HS customer service. However, it’s still unwise because I can buy those certificates myself, so, at best, HS is giving you around 10 bucks a month to dine and the list of available restaurants is skimpy. After speaking with sales person, I looked on the site and everything, literally everything was wrong, my name (not even close), a complete unintelligible address. I tried to change my profile and was told my email was already registered. I smell disaster. I am going to use my 100 certificate at Hilton Ohare next week, which I was promised, but now I’m wary….HS doesn’t actually give you a certificate, it’s mail in bullcrap. I’m also going to Vegas (stopover) on return from Europe. The nice thing about the 100 certificate is that you CAN get the upscale Hiltons…or we’ll see until I call them in the morning. Evidently, it a consumer right to cancel membership within one week of purchase. I will reverse the charges and march my bum down to small claims. Don’t trust them yet. Interesting enough, the company must be bonded in order to be in the business. They are an LLC which mean limited liability (i.e., can sue anyone personally for their assets) and the amount of their bond is $100. in full. I kid you not. It’s in the fine print of the print out about the 3 day/2 night stay. I’ll update you in the morning after I gobble up what bennys I can get out of these folks. On the surface, it’s disorganized, sloppy, and not in the least bit leaning toward courtesy behavior. I’m really shocked that Hilton Honors has any relationship with them at all. Perhaps they don’t share a fiduciary relationship, but I was transferred there after making a Hilton reservation on my own. My feeling is that is a subtextual nod from Honors that Hilton Select is above board. We’ll see.

  12. I made the same mistake of purchasing the Hilton select premier.
    All the benefit I received was the 100.00 off and that was a struggle to get! As far as the 2 nights at Vega’s or Florida. I was misled on how long I had to make a reservation. I made a reservation to Vega’s but cancelled it. At the time I cancelled I was thinking told I had a year to make my reservation. When I tried to make my reservation I was told I had lost the promotion because I had six months to reserved. I have called Hilton honores, Hilton Select and everyone I could think of. Everyone keeps pointing the finger at the other. Bottom line. Hilton honors or your credit card itself will not take responsibility for this. Furthermore! HH say that Hilton select it’s not affiliated with them and there is nothing they could do. While Hilton select simply said. Sorry. You missed out on this promotion. If Hilton honors does not have an affiliation with Hilton premier? Perhaps they should not allow this company to use their name and fraud their costumers of this money. For I am pretty much done with Hilton. They have not tried to resolve this issue and for that, I am done with them. Don’t get sucker into this deal. There is no deal.

  13. Totally agree with the previous comment, there is no overlap with Hilton Honors and Hilton Select they say they are transferring you one to the other and they both get confused and was very difficult to use certificates but I did use the two nights wasn’t able to use the $100 one in time before it expired. Don’t give you enough time. 6months is unreasonable.
    The other certificates you are supposed to have benefits for are very confusing. Really not worth the hassle

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