Hotel Habits: First Thing You Do In Your Room?

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What’s the first thing you do when you get into your hotel room?

We all have habits and that counts for how you settle into your hotel room upon arrival.

Some people like to drop their bag and leave, others like to fully unpack, while others are a little more meticulous about exactly what they do when they arrive.

I was watching family feud the other day and it got me thinking. If asked, what would your first answer to the question: What is the first thing you do when you get into your hotel room for the first time?

– Unpack
– Clean the remote and turn on Television
– Drop your bag and leave for dinner
– Lock the door
– Other

After a most unusual experience, I always, always lock my door as soon as I get into it. One time at an unnamed Hyatt hotel, I entered my room and quickly jumped into the shower. I heard some noise and got out of the shower to investigate. Only a towel around me, I was pretty confident I wouldn’t find anything weird. But nope, standing their in the middle of my room was a front desk person with a bucket of ice and two waters.

After a quick yelp the person scurried out of the room. Not sure who was more embarrassed, me or the person dropping the check-in Diamond amenity.

I was sure to let the GM and Hyatt know which translated into a 5 digit figure of Hyatt points. But this could have been avoided if I had double locked the door. What if it wasn’t the front desk person leaving an amenity on my desk? Scary but true.

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  1. I check out the bathroom. It’s a weird thing, but an over the top bathroom makes a great hotel room for me.

  2. First thing I do is flush the toilet. If that doesn’t work, I want to know BEFORE I have to use it. 😀

  3. I remake the bed. After the top sheet is untucked, it also untucks the bottom sheet. I remove the duvet and very top sheet and put them in the corner with all but three of the bed pillows. I firmly tuck in the bottom sheet. Then I get a real blanket (a light blanket) from the closet and use it on the bed, on top of the single remaining top sheet. The bed is now ready. When I return to my room from eating, or even from showering, the bed is ready to climb into and go to sleep. No need remake the bed when I’m exhausted and ready to crash.

  4. Seriously, you guys don’t go open the blinds and check out the window view first? 😀 Well, that’s what I do.

    Then I walk around every room to size up the room size, and then check the bathroom to check out what kind of bathroom amenities are there (hey, that’s what gals do). I do like Brian’s comment that he flushes the toilet first…smart — I think I will do that from now on. 🙂

  5. Like Kyle, I check for bedbugs first. You absolutely don’t want any of those little guys going home with you!

    Then I check to verify that wi-fi is working.

    Then check the view, bathroom, etc.

  6. Hey for 10,000 + points, that worthwhile 🙂 !

    The first thing we do when we walk into a hotel room is check for bed bugs. Along the seems of the mattress, as well as on the headboard. There is nothing worse then bringing bedbugs back home.

  7. “I was sure to let the GM and Hyatt know…”

    That seemed more like an honest mistake.
    And if the diamond amenity wasn’t delivered, you’d probably be sure to contact either way…

    The complaint is so petty.

  8. I look for the safest place to drop my bag and check for bed bugs – no matter where am I staying!

  9. Bedbug check, wipe down remote, light switches, faucet handles and toilet handle with wipes that I carry with me. Then lock door, pee and unpack.

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