Save $1 Off Gas With 2x Promotion For Summer Travel – So Easy To Save

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If you are gearing up for some summer travel like me, then you are well aware of how to save big bucks on gasoline through this simple trick. From now through July 27th, you can earn 2x Fuel Points at Kroger which can add up to a full $1 off each gallon of gasoline.

How Does Fuel Points Work?

Fuel points works by awarding points for spending at Kroger. Then the customer can redeem points for a $ amount off each gallon of gas.

Earning rates are as follows:

  1. Spending on Groceries (normal exclusions apply): $1 in Groceries = 1 fuel point.
  2. Double fuel points for Gift Card purchases (normal exclusions apply). For example, $25 in Gift Cards = 50 fuel points.
  3. Non-federally funded Prescriptions: 1 Prescription = 50 fuel points. a. As of August 1, 2012, federally funded Prescriptions earn 1 point for every $1 of your out-of-pocket costs for new, transferred and refilled Prescriptions.

Why Should I Care?

The best part, is Kroger counts gift cards purchased in the grocery store as spend towards the fuel points. In fact, they give you more fuel points for purchasing gift cards.

So you can earn up to a $1 back on each gallon of gas, by making purchases in store on gift cards for stores you’d spend money at anyway. Not to mention if you have a credit card that gives cash back on grocery store purchases, you can save even more.

Amazon Gift Card

2x Fuel Points Promotion

Kroger often runs promotions to reward more fuel points on gift cards. Right now, there is a broad promotion for 2x Fuel Points.


Save $1 Off Gas With 2x Promotion

How To Get $1 Off Gallon Of Gas?

Signup for a Kroger Fuel Points account. Then earn points by shopping at Kroger.

Once you have 1,000 points in your account, you qualify for $1 off every gallon of gas for a fill-up, up to 35 gallons. But even if you don’t have 1,000 points, you can earn discounts with the following points:

  • 100 fuel points = 10¢ off per gallon of fuel for 1 fill-up at participating Shell Stations.
  • 100 fuel points = 10¢ off per gallon of fuel for 1 fill-up at Kroger.
  • 200 fuel points = 20¢ off per gallon of fuel for 1 fill-up at Kroger.
  • 1,000 fuel points = $1 off per gallon of fuel for 1 fill-up at Kroger.

Where Can I Fill Up?

Once you earn enough points, search for the Kroger fuel station nearest you by clicking here.

More Savings

You can earn even more savings if you use a cash back card that earns bonuses on spending. Here are a few that can help you pick up a few more percentage points of savings:

Bottom Line

You can save big bucks on gas by using Kroger’s Fuel Points program. Plus, keep an eye out for special Fuel Points promotions where they increase the amount of points you earn through gift card purchases. Right now they are offering 2x bonus on fuel points.

How awesome is this program? Anyone find a gift card with a pin at a Kroger yet? Have you used Fuel Points yet?

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  1. I’m confused. So are you saying 2x for buying gift cards (the non variable load type), and an additional 2x (or 4x total) if I buy the gift cards on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays thru Jul 27? I.E are these 2 promos stackable?

  2. FYI – Caution – did you see the rules of the 2x promo through Jul 27 state gift cards are excluded:

    “*Limited time only. Offer may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice. Excludes Pharmacy, Gift Cards, No-Contract Wireless Phones and Airtime Cards, The Little Clinic, Fuel Center purchases and receipt message fuel promotion. Offer not valid in AL, LA, MO. Additional restrictions apply. See store for complete details.

    can anyone report any success with such a promo?

  3. The promotion says – excludes pharmacy and gift cards – a little confused

  4. I’ve been collecting these points for years but I don’t really understand how to redeem them. We get 10 cents off each gallon at our local shell but how does one get a $1/gallon?

  5. Hi HeavenlyJane – Simply go to your nearest Keoger that has a gas station. Then swipe your Kroger card and select the option to redeem the max amount (I.e. $1 off per gallon).

  6. Why throw away money? You show Amazon gift cards, but you can buy these at Staples with an Ink card for 5x instead. You need to spend $500 at Krogers to get $1 per gallon off. If you bought these same gift cards at Staples, you would get 2500 points which could be redeemed for $25 cash. Even better, keep the points for travel where they are worth more. If you want to throw away money, go ahead and buy them at Krogers.

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