Vanilla Reloads Are NOT Dead

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A few weeks ago we shared the bad news that CVS had moved to “cash tender only” for the Vanilla reload cards. Effectively, the Vanilla Reloads were considered dead. But they aren’t. In fact, as I tweeted yesterday, I was able to pick up a bunch at a local gas station using a credit card that offers extra bonus on gas purchases.


This was great news. And there is no question in my mind that Vanilla Reloads are not dead. But one question remains, do I share the location of where I was able to find the bunches of Vanilla Reload cards? On one hand, it will likely lead to a quick death of the cards. On the other hand, who am I to withhold this information.

Leave a comment if you think I should reveal the location and name of the store or not.

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  1. I was so excited by this post that I went up the street to TA truck stop where they sell VRs. But, alas, cash only. VRs are also sold at Murphy stations and Valero…we have both in my area. Honestly I have never tried to buy them at gas stations because I assumed they would definitely be cash only because of the transient nature of their average customer.

  2. If you know the author’s home airport, this becomes pretty easy. Also, only people near his home airport would be able to take advantage of this anyway because the chain is pretty small.

  3. Meh. Do whatever you want. But you shouldn’t pander to lazy blog readers who can’t do their own sleuthing or their own networking.

  4. It’s not rocket science folks…….Circle K in south Florida has sold them for some time………..when you travel just check out the local gas station…..sometimes you are lucky…..sometimes not…..but yes they are dead as a national tool for MS……..

  5. Few days ago I purchased cash by using a credit card. Do I publish the place or keep as a secret?

  6. I would be all over a pay subscription for email tips like this; maybe a great way to supplement blogging income? 🙂

  7. Definitely do not share. It would be spoon feeding mentioning the location. Bloggers have been already sharing the good news on how to MS and all other techniques. People have to do their part. If you have found them, others should be able find them too, if they want to play this game.

  8. I dont think you should post it and i wouldnt blame you. However I do think its a bit like gloating to say “i found it” and then leave it at that. It seems to be better not to mention it if you are not planning to share the location.

  9. Figured it out it was the one place I hadn’t checked yet. Too bad they just got the cards in store and were able to sell/activate it yet. Thanks for the heads up.

  10. Dansdeals posted that he will not be spoon feeding deals. It seems like this is the new norm. 🙂

  11. Honestly–despite all the opinions expressed in previous comments, I think it is your personal call. You do the research, you write the blog, you share such great information with readers but ultimately what you opt to share and what you prefer to keep private is ultimately your decision!

  12. I’d say publish the specifics, but share name only via email. I’m assuming this is geographically limited so by emailing the 80 or so odd folks who requested this info, probably no more than 5 or 10 of them will actually be able to use it. Not a deal killer.

    In any case, a good reminder to check stores out of your geographical area. I have a trip to Hawaii in a few weeks – let’s see what I find there. Feel free to contact me if you want my findings.

  13. “NO!” — Vanilla Reloads are not dead, but finding them takes work. Unfortunately, social media and the internet is a deal searchers worst enemy. I do thank bloggers that posted the Bluebird/Vanilla Reload strategies because I wouldn’t know about them otherwise. Having the concept shared was enough. I don’t mind doing my own further research. Selfishly I don’t want more information shared (locations and such). Scammers are looking for easy information to run their fraud/scams and ruin it for people who legitimately charge the VR cards and pay their bills. I have a reliable place I buy VR cards and have no desire to share this location, and I wish you wouldn’t either.

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