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Another Reason To Drive: Vanilla Reloads This Holiday Season

A fellow Boarding Area blogger posed a question earlier this week if it is better to fly or drive this Holiday season. I think it totally depends on the person, where you are going and the all in cost and convenience of travel mode. For us, flying made most sense to our first destination, but…

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More Vanilla Reloads At Gas Stations: 4 And Counting

Yesterday I shared hints to help you find two gas stations that I found sell Vanilla Reloads with credit cards so you can reload your pre-paid cards to make everyday purchases. Well, we’ve done it again. We’ve found yet another, unpublished gas station that sells VRs to patrons and accepts credit card as payment. Vanilla…

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Long’s Drugs Are Everywhere Down South – Where To Find Vanilla Reloads

After our recent experience picking up Vanilla Reloads at the Long’s Drugs store in Oahu, I decided to take a closer look to see if there were any Long’s Drug stores here in the south. Come to find it, there are. And a lot of them! As some of you have found out, you can…

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Vanilla Reload Cards At Gas Stations And ConvenienceStores

I’ve found that Vanilla Reload Cards are fairly well stocked in drug stores in some cities more so than others. But I’ve also found them in Gas stations and Convenient Stores, some unexpectedly. Wherever you find them, they are a great way to re-load cards like the Bluebird® by American Express. The official site lists the following Gas Stations and Convenient…

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