Afraid of Getting Trapped In a Hotel Elevator?

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Do you ever get afraid of taking hotel elevators that you might get stuck? Almost every hotel requires you take an elevator, whether key card access or not, unless you climb several flights of stairs, but what happens if you get stuck in one.

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Per MyFoxDCSurveillance video shows man injured in out-of-control elevator. The person seen in this surveillance video is stuck in an elevator that is going up and is out-of-control.

The terrified man can be seen frantically pressing the buttons inside the elevator, according to video on FOX News.

The elevator car shot up 30 floors in 15 seconds and smashed into the roof of the building.

The accident happened at a new building in Chile.

The man suffered leg and head injuries.

Bottom Line

Should you get stuck in an elevator, the best advice is to stay in it and not try to climb out as that can be even more dangerous. Back in the day, people thought you might run out of oxygen but that isn’t the case.

Have you ever been trapped in a hotel elevator before? How did you handle the situation?

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  1. My first thought when I saw the title was heck, I’m afraid in my own apartment building…then as I read further I thought of my husband’s 70 story office building, and hoped that this would have some serious solutions. THEN I finished the article only to discover this accident occurred in Chile- WHERE WE RESIDE..sigh. And with no answers really provided, I sigh… thinking the Chilean brush-it-off cliché: Es complicado….sí pero no hay.

  2. And as to the final question…. exhaling helps, going to the bathroom before boarding the elevator, check the elevators weight limit- subtract a 100 lbs from it to really know the limit, keep a watchful eye on the estimated weight of my fellow passengers and their packages and do some quick math calculations for total possible weight and the double check the elevator’s limits…and exhale some more… asi es la vida..

  3. I was trapped in an elevator at my university. I was alone and it was only for a couple of minutes. I got a little more nervous when I heard mechanical sounds nearby, but then a maintenance guy wrestled the doors open and said, “Um, the elevators are out of order for servicing…” Apparently someone forgot to put signs out and/or disable the elevators!

  4. I stayed at a Four Points hotel in Florida this past weekend and the electricity went out for about an hour and a half. I was on the top floor (21st). About an hour into it, I heard some commotion in the hallway and looked out and it was the fire department who came in to get people out that were trapped in one of the elevators. I would have thought that hotel elevators would have some sort of back-up power system for at least a few minutes to allow them to return to the ground floor or something when the power goes out… but I guess not?

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