How To Maximize First Class Drink Ordering

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First Class comes with many perks including extra legroom, priority boarding, yummy snacks, full meals and most of all refreshing complimentary beverages. But sometimes on short flights you don’t get to take advantage of all the benefits due to reasons out of your control. Maybe you boarded just as the doors were closing and you missed the pre-departure beverage. Maybe you selected the last row and there was turbulence which stopped cabin service. What ever the reason you may have missed out one of the best benefits, we are here to help with our top 5 ways to maximize First Class drink ordering.

Take a look at our top 5 ways to order a First Class drink and let us know if you have any other methods.

Option 1: Make Eye Contact With Flight Attendants

This indicates are you interested. They will be coming around to take orders, so making eye contact is important.

This works very well prior to departure.

Delta Woodford Reserve In First Class 1

Option 2: Raise Your Hand (Pointer Finger Optional)

If option 1 fails, you can always raise your hand to indicate you’d like to place an order.

Option 3: Look To Other Aisle

This option requires a wide body plane with two aisles. But smart travelers know they are not limited to ordering drinks from only their aisle. Its common practice to order from your aisle, but if one side didn’t have as many drinks ordered, that flight attendant usually helps their colleague on the other aisle. So use option 1 or 2 to get the other aisle flight attendant’s attention.

Delta Woodford Reserve In First Class 2

Option 4: Visit Galley On Way To Restroom

This option is likely worst case. Say you have a flight crew on a long flight that may be taking a break or just isn’t attentive to the cabin. Either way, approach this option with care. An easy way is to go use the lavatory and then on your way out, make a courteously stop by the galley to mention you’d like a nice refreshing drink.

Option 5: Ring Call Button (The Nuclear Option With Some Carriers)

This option could be considered a nuclear option with some carriers, but with others it is accepted. Evaluate all your options before using this approach. If all else fails and you are approaching a dire situation, a push of the call button will surely get the attention of the flight crew. But best not to use this option in my opinion.

Delta Woodford Reserve In First Class 3

Bottom Line

There you have it, our top 5 ways to maximize ordering drinks in First Class for your flight.

Do you have any alternative approaches to placing a First Class drink order?

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  1. With all due respect, this is the most useless travel story I have ever seen. Next you should write a story on “the 5 best ways to answer your cell phone.”

  2. I agree with Jeff that this is a pretty useless article; unless you can give us some examples of carriers in which ringing the call button is acceptable and which are not.

    “Nuclear option” does paint a funny picture and makes it somewhat tempting.

  3. Agree with Jim. What is the point of writing this? I’d rather get blasted with Chase Ink links.

  4. It always amazes me when people waste time complaining about wasted time. It’s the internet, move on!

    I found this post useless for new info, and perfect for a bit of whimsy during a mindless minute (ok – two, now, but who’s counting…)

  5. I maximize my first class drinking order by ordering doubles and a second tumbler full of ice. They’re always surprised when I break out my mini ice tongs.

  6. I think this was more tongue-in-cheek and meant for a chuckle….at least thats how I took it. And yes, please do move on!

    I always travel with my partner so always order him a round even if hes not having what I am!

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