VIP Trick To Make Your Room Cooler This Summer

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This trick never gets old and is a sure fire way to make your room cooler this summer. I’ve used this trick now at Hilton, Hyatt, Starwood and IHG hotels and every time it worked like a charm.

How To Use The Trick

With valid INCOMM thermostats use the following steps:

– While holding display
– push Off
– push up
– release display

This will set the thermostat to VIP mode as shown in the picture below and allow you to move the thermostat below the setting all the way down to a cool 60 degrees.


Definitely a way to make your room cooler this summer.


Have you used this trick lately? Where did you try it and did it work?

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  1. haters gonna hate.
    would you pay extra $/points to stay in your home per night? stop wasting $

  2. Seriously? 60? I actually have to push it up to 72 cuz it gets too cold in the room.

  3. Mr. Cool, I don’t know what’s there to hate… Spending money gives you the right to waste energy.. lesson learned

  4. Never said he was setting it to 60, just that’s how low it can go, like most thermostats

  5. Agreed. 60 degrees is way too wasteful, especially w/ climate change causing the weather to go nuts.

    I go to school in TX so I understand there are a lot of people who like it at 60 (mainly because they’re super fat), but for those of us w/ a BMI of 20 or so, it’s way too cold. I like it around 70-75.

    And the ironic thing is, these people who like it at 60 in the summer are the same people who like it at 75 or 80 in the winter so they can walk around in shorts. (-_-)

  6. I appreciate this tip! I can’t tell you how often I get to a room and it’s a balmy 80 and the AC takes hours to cool it down.

    Being pregnant, that is just uncomfortable. I think I’ll likely try this tip out during our next hotel stay so I can get the room cooled nice and quick. I’m sure the AC won’t stay that low the whole time, but even if it does, oh well…

  7. @Jen – “While holding display”, not “hold the display”. The Incomm thermostat pictured has a button labeled “Display”. Granted, PM&M could have made it clearer…

  8. Wow. The comments here. Really?

    Let me recap:
    1.They didn’t say to set it at 60. They just said you could in theory.
    2.The earth won’t die and the sky won’t fall if someone did in fact want to set it at 60. Quit believing everything you see on MSNBC.
    3.”While holding display” don’t mean to hold onto the display. It means to hold down the display button.
    4.Nobody would normally set it at 60.
    5.If you don’t want to adjust it and can live with the high temperature because you somehow think you are saving polar bears read this

    Oh and thanks for this tip. I’ve seen this trick before but I had forgotten the steps.

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