Miles Apart: Top 10 Airline Routes In The World By Distance

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When Qantas launched A380 service from Sydney to Dallas/Ft. International Worth on October 1, 2014 it took over the title of the longest flight in the world based on the distance between the two airports – 13,790km (8568.7 miles). According to the Qantas Fact Sheet the airline will Qantas will operate six non-stop flights in each direction per week between Sydney and Dallas/Fort Worth – every day except Tuesdays.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 8.17.10 AMThe website decided to update the list of  the ten longest current scheduled air services by distance, courtesy of Flightglobal’s Innovata service of airline schedules data. decided to treat the return service as the same route.

1. Dallas Fort Worth, USA to Sydney Australia. Qantas Airways. Airbus A380. 13,790km/ 8,568.7 miles
2. Atlanta, USA to Johannesburg, South Africa. Delta Air Lines. Boeing 777-200LR. 13,572km/8,433.2 miles
3. Abu Dhabi, UAE to Los Angeles, USA. Etihad Airways. Boeing 777-200LR. 13,494km/8,384.8 miles
4. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Los Angeles, USA. Saudi Arabian Airlines. Boeing 777-300ER. 13,422km/8,340 miles
5. Dubai, UAE to Los Angeles, USA. Emirates. Airbus A380. 13,412km/8,338.8 miles
6. Dubai, UAE to Houston, USA. Emirates. Airbus A380. 13,140km/8,164.8 miles
7. Dallas, USA to Hong Kong, China. American Airlines. Boeing 777-300ER. 13,053km/8,011.8 miles
8. Dubai, UAE to San Francisco, USA. Emirates. Boeing 777-300ER. 13,037km/8,100.8 miles
9. Hong Kong, China to New York, USA. Cathay Pacific. Boeing 777-300ER. 12,983km/8068.3 miles
10. Hong Kong, China to Newark, USA. Cathay Pacific/United Airlines. Boeing 777-200ER. 12,971km/8059.8 miles

Bottom Line:

These super long haul flights represent somewhere between 14 and 16 hours of being on an airplane depending on airport traffic, prevailing winds, and ground handling upon arrival. The longest flight I ever recall being on was a Cathay Pacific flight on a 777 from Hong Kong to Chicago O’Hare – and that flight doesn’t even make the top ten list above.   Have you had any of these super long haul experiences, and how did it go?



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  1. Haven’t taken the flight yet but yesterday I booked a ticket for the DFW-SYD flight for next year. I’m really looking forward to it!

  2. Had the pleasure of sitting in row 47 flying DXB-IAH on Emirates 777. It was fine…not as bad as you’d think for being stuck in coach for 16h2m. Due to the passenger demographic, the plane was totally trashed upon arrival. I guess that’s to be expected when spending almost a whole day in the same small space. One tip is to always bring more food. Regardless of the meal service or “snack bar” you WILL want something else while in the air.

  3. I flew as a passenger on an airplane from Shanghai to New York operated by China Eastern Airlines just yesterday. At supposedly 7,374 miles, the flight clocked in at approximately 14 hours and 25 minutes. Its official time is supposedly 14 hours and 55 minutes.

    I intend to post a review of the flight…

  4. I just today did the AA DFW-HKG flights back-to-back. Outbound was in J (about 16 hours, return was in Y (about 13 hours.) I never thought I could do the super longhaul in Y at my age, but it was actually just mildly aggravating, not terrible. The main problem was the almost complete lack of food. There was a small meal 1 hour in and another small meal 1 hour before landing. That is 10-11 hours with no food in Y, and I was starving when we finally landed. AA has a really good entertainment system in coach, however, which is mainly how I passed the time.

  5. I did DFW-HKG-DFW on 17 and 19 Oct, outbound J, return Y. Both went by quickly with marathon sessions of TV shows downloaded on my laptop, powered in both J and Y with a power outlet at every seat. I ate nothing on the return flight in Y because I had just had a huge meal at The Wing CX F lounge in HKG and was anticipating a meal at the Centurion lounge when I landed, both which were far better food than AA Y. I did get very dehydrated on the Y leg. I wanted to buy a bottle of water in HKG, but I knew it would have been confiscating upon boarding.

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