How To Get A Free Drink On Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines published its first quarter 2015 beverage menu and listed the following three days as free drink holidays: January 1 (New Year’s Day), February 14 (Valentine’s Day) and March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day).


How To Get A Free Drink On Southwest Airlines  

Even if you’re not flying on these three holidays, there are a number of other ways to receive a free drink from Southwest Airlines including:

  1. Business Select Tickets – these higher priced fares come with priority boarding, additional Rapid Rewards points and a coupon for a free cocktail, beer or wine valid on the day of the flight.  Even if you don’t purchase a Business Select Ticket, the drink coupons are often left behind by other flyers at the Southwest Airlines check-in kiosks at the airport.  They are especially easy to find early in the morning.
  2. Rapid Rewards – If you have a Rapid Rewards account, log in to make sure your Communications Preferences are set to receive drink coupons. Log in, and find the My Preferences Tab. On the left hand side is another tab labeled Communications Preferences, and make sure the Drink Coupon Option is set to Yes. Rapid Rewards member should be receiving four drink coupons in the mail after every ten one-way flights.Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 9.04.45 PM
  3. Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card by Chase – Be on the look out in the mail in late January to mid-February if you are a cardholder.  For the past couple of years, Chase has sent out four drink coupons to the primary account holder of the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card.
  4. Military Members – Southwest Airlines loves to celebrate those who serve our country thru military service. Often showing a Military ID, and just politely asking if there might be a free drink for military men and women will get a big smile from the Flight Attendant – and a free drink.
  5. Be Nice – Flight crews see hundreds of people every day, and Flight Attendants have the ability to ‘comp’ drinks. Flight Attendants remember nice passengers.  In fact, nice Pilots also remember nice passengers, and sometimes Pilots pass on the word to the Flight Attendants to buy a passenger a couple of drinks.  So it’s simple – be nice.

Bottom Line

A free drink is always a nice surprise – a holiday, a weather delay, or a tough day have been known to trigger a free drink or two on Southwest Airlines.  Have you been successful at getting free drinks? Let us know how.

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  1. The first time I had coupons I flew on Valentines Day and didn’t need one. The return flight was in the morning so I didn’t get a drink (what was I thinking). The second set expired before I could use them then I flew but had no coupons! The last set didn’t get used because I had to cancel my trip. Got a trip planned this month but no coupons!! I can’t win, well except for on Valentines Day.

  2. Rode Southwest from Midway to Denver late last night. Plane was delayed due to weather. I was in row 1 (not an elite). Ordered a screwdriver. Took my card out to pay and she said not to worry. Much kudos. The late flight stunk but a small gesture helps. Something other airlines could learn from.

  3. I have flew with southwest since 2006 , I have a rapid rewards account
    plus i pay extra for 2 of my dogs and have never never received a free drink

    Rose Mahacek

  4. The setting is not under “communications” when you log into your rapid rewards. That is more or less email preferences. It is under “travel” and then you click on the “extras”. If you are 21 or over you can click on YES to receive.

  5. I have ordered Fat Tire 3 times on SW flights and have never been charged. Maybe it’s the ‘stache.

  6. Here is another option that sometimes works; keep your eyes open around the check in kiosks. Some folks who get the drink tickets printed out, then just leave them at the kiosk since they don’t want them. I’ve picked up drink tickets like this more than once.

  7. Yes, the weather
    caused a delay n it was Christmas time. Received free drinks, plus one of the attendants sang a Christmas Carol, right before landing, how classy n she could sing too. Ill never forget that it was a first for me, hearing carols sang on the plane n everyone clapped.

  8. I love Southwest! They are miles above the other airlines to please their passengers by making it affordable to fly to see family! My daughter in law gave me some of her free drink tickets because they were about to expire so I was able to play Santa on the plane by passing out the coupons! Our flight attendant sang to us and I thought that was fantastic! I am having a problem clicking on the correct link to sign up for drink tickets! Is it done during booking a flight ir at anytime? If someone could help me with that! Thank you SWA!

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