Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75k Status Match

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In this post we’ll share how you can receive an Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75k Status Match through email and start enjoying all the benefits the status has to offer.

I can speak from experience having just received confirmation of my new MVP Gold 75k status match. I’ve long been interested in Alaska Airlines mileage program. They have some sweet spot awards and the best part is they get around in terms of partnering with other airlines. So you can earn miles on Alaska Airlines or their partners and redeem your miles on one of many partners. It was a hard decision at first, that is until Delta continued to pull the rug out from underneath their Sky Miles members. So I made the decision, sent in my status match and now I can enjoy all the benefits of the Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75k status.

Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75k Status Match

To receive the status match you first have to have status on another airline. Then all you need to do is send an email to including your Airline Status card (in my case Delta Platinum), a recent copy of your airline program statement (I pulled the most recent Delta statement) and a copy of your current driver license.

After you do that just sit back and wait until you get an email with a note that looks like the following:

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 2.26.51 PM

The details of the email stated:

Weekly Flyer, we are honored to welcome you to the MVP Gold 75K level of our award-winning Mileage Plan™.

You can now take advantage of your exclusive MVP Gold 75K benefits. We hope you enjoy your new perks and look forward to welcoming you on your next flight very soon.

Alaska Airlines MVP 75k Status

But what exactly are the benefits? Below are a list of benefits:

  • Top priority for complimentary First Class upgrades on Alaska
  • Waived fees for changes and cancellations
  • 125% Elite Bonus Miles on Alaska and 12 partners
  • An opportunity to nominate someone to MVP status
  • Four Day Passes to our Board Room airport lounges
  • Priority check-in and boarding on Alaska and American Airlines®

The coolest benefit in my opinion is the ability to nominate someone else to MVP status. Does anyone reading this have an interest in Alaska MVP 75k Status? If so, leave a note in the comments with how you think we should give it away – we have to be fair and all.

But other than that, the four day passes to the Board Room are pretty cool as well as the 125% Elite Bonus Miles on Alaska and 12 of their partners.

What This Means When Flying Delta

Well, I have two options, I can apply my Delta Platinum status to my Delta reservation. I earned that status the easy way through using Delta’s Credit Cards to earn Miles Boost MQMs to achieve status.

Or I can apply my new Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75k status to my Delta reservations and hope for the following benefits when flying with Delta:

  • Priority check-in
  • 100% Elite Bonus Miles
  • Zone 1 Boarding
  • Preferred seating
  • Complimentary domestic upgrades within the United States*, Canada, Mexico, and select Caribbean destinations*

*Complimentary upgrades are not available on nonstop flights between New York (JFK) and Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle, or on nonstop flights between Atlanta and Hawaii.

What This Means When Flying American Airlines

Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75k members can enjoy the following benefits when flying on American Airlines:

  • Priority AAccess Check-in and Boarding
  • Express Security Lines at Select Airports
  • Complimentary Preferred and Main Cabin Extra seats
    for MVP® Gold and 75K members
  • Complimentary Preferred and 50% Discount on Main Cabin Extra
    for MVP members
  • Checked Baggage Fee Waiver for First Bag* for MVP® members
  • Checked Baggage Fee Waiver for First 2 Bags for MVP® Gold and 75K members

Bottom Line

Through the simple step above, I now have Alaska Airlines top tier MVP 75k Status through the end of the year, December 31, 2015. I can take advantage of the benefits while flying on Alaska and their partner airlines.

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  1. Will Alaska only status match you to the equivalent level (e.g. Delta Silver Medallion to MVP)?


  2. In light of the constant recent changes with Delta I too have been examining other frequent flyer awards program. The Alaska one I will definitely have to take a closer look at now.

  3. > “Does anyone reading this have an interest in Alaska MVP 75k Status?”

    I think you’re misreading the benefit – the nomination is only to MVP status, not MVP Gold 75K…

  4. Nice post. I would love MVP status. I haven’t pursued this status match as I understand that it’s a once in a lifetime offer with them. I don’t fly Alaska enough that I wanted to use it yet. Might still be a good idea though.

    Oh and you should give away the MVP status to someone that posts a comment here.

  5. I’ll be flying on AA a lot soon and have no elite status – Alaska’s MVP would help so I’m happy to put my hand up!

  6. More of a general question but
    Do you know if I book an AA flight with Avios- Do I get the benefits as an MVP 75+(seats, bags etc)????

  7. What’s “your airline program statement?” I’m planning to fly Alaska a few times in September and am wondering if I can get the MVP 75k status once I have my Southwest Companion pass award later this week (yay!) Do you think that counts as elite status on another airline? Of course all my Southwest points are coming from credit card bonuses and partner point transfers and not travel, so that might not be too appealing to Alaska Airlines.

  8. Wanted to know – are you allowed to apply for the same Status Match next year, and so on? (obviously as long as you carry your Platinum Delta Status, which I too earn the easy way)

  9. I did the status match to Alaska MVP Gold75 in January, 2015 using my Southwest Companion pass. Correct me if I am wrong, but I did not see you mention that you get (4) guest upgrades codes w/ Gold75 status. Go to your “My Account” and under “Guest Upgrades” click “Valid.” You will see (4) codes good until the end of 2016.

  10. With the changes as of March 1st at UA, I decided to get my MVP75K status match from 1K back in November. (Also have AA ExecPlat and will easily re-qualify by September, have already secured STARGold with UA for next year but that’s as far up as I plan to go, this being my final year as a 1K.) Had some AS flying on the west coast that month and quite enjoyed AS and the benefits of my new status, including upgrades to F on all my segments. Looking forward to flying with AS more later this year when I head west and hopefully re-qualifying. Just one caveat: when flying AA, note that O-class fares don’t earn mileage with AS (when not AS codeshares on AA metal). And of course, for re-qualifying, if you plan to use EQMs from AA or DL or other partners as well as AS, the required mileage goes up from 75K to 95K. Also, IIRC AS only recognizes UA, DL, AC and AA/US status for its matches.

  11. I would just love MVP Status, and be extremely grateful if I could get it! I have a long series of upcoming flights, both on AA and DL, starting with SIN-NRT-LAX on DL metal in a few weeks. Many of these flights are really long and on domestic routes, and all were booked in economy! Being able to possibly receive some free ugrades, on some of these routes, would be a great benefit! Also, I’ve never been upgraded on a flight up until now, so it would be a totally new and nice experience to me! Thank you for your kind initiative!

  12. Unfortunately, Miles earned on discounted Delta fares have been reduced:

    E class: 25%.
    L, U, T, X, V class – 50%
    H, Q, K class – 75%

    So it may not be very lucrative to credit Delta flights to Alaska any more.

  13. @ Al – but as an Alaska MVP Gold or 75K, you get a 100% so that makes it much better than delta when crediting.

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