Interesting Article About The Exchange Of Model Airplanes

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“Instead of a handshake or a bow, the airline world has its own unique greeting: the exchange of model airplanes,” I found this article very interesting and thought you might too. As reported by, The Associated Press in Airlines world’s tiny secret: infatuation with model planes, Mayerowitz interestingly points out the common practice of collecting airplane models amongst those in the industry. It got me wondering who else has infatuation with these airplane models? I personally have my own infatuation with airplanes and travel related items but, haven’t started a model collection, yet.

Interesting Article About The Exchange Of Model Airplanes

“Model planes have their roots with aerospace engineers, who used them in an age before computers to design planes and then test them in wind tunnels.

Then in 1946, two workers from the Douglas Aircraft Co. started Pacific Miniatures with the encouragement of the aircraft manufacturer. It was right after World War II and Douglas faced a major challenge in getting nervous travelers to fly.”

I can imagine that a collection of airplane models can get quite large over a long career in the airline industry if it is standard practice to exchange models. This story got me thinking about travel and what people collect from their trips. I would imagine that there might be a lot of travel enthusiasts out there who also have an infatuation with airline memorabilia or model planes.

Bottom Line

Do you collect model airplanes or anything travel related? When you go to different places, do you bring anything back? For example, I used to buy a magnet from every place that I went so that I could remember where I have been. My mom used to buy Christmas ornaments to remember special trips we went on growing up. What do you collect?


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  1. A friend and her husband used to collect a set of two champagne flutes from every trip. Must have had a lot of champagne to drink!!

  2. I always enjoy looking at the displays in some of the airports of all the model planes of different airlines over the years, some have so many, and it is usually in an out of the way place on a second floor, a nice escape. My secret collection is items from the Trump Shuttle.

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