REDcard Load Issues – Missing Funds

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Yesterday I did a random reconciliation of my REDcard account and found that I was missing a $900 load to my card. I had loaded $900 with my American Express card on March 7th at Target and nothing was different from any other time that I have loaded my Prepaid REDcard.

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REDcard Load Issues – Missing Funds

I called REDcard and they said that they have had issues in March. After a long hold time, I opened an investigation and opened a complaint.

In the end, REDcard said there was an issue at the terminals in the stores the day I loaded my card. Also they told me that they had problems in February on 25th and 26th, where credit cards were charged but REDcards were not loaded. So, essentially you could be missing money like I am, $900. I’ll get my money back, but the real issue is what if I hadn’t noticed this discrepancy?

If you use your Target Prepaid REDcard to load fund regularly, you might want to check your REDcard balances and reconcile each month. I know after this fiasco, I definitely will be double checking that the money is there.

Bottom Line

Check your REDcard account to make sure that you aren’t also missing funds that were charged to your credit card and then not loaded properly to your REDcard account. If you are missing money, make sure to call REDcard right away as, thus far I haven’t received a notice from REDcard stating that this error had occurred.

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  1. For those interested in what happens, here’s an example of the small target receipt that comes out first and a portion of the normal receipt that comes second. The “NEW BAL” portion shows “N/A”.

    AMEX RELOAD N $1000.00
    AMEX NO FEE N $0.00

    SUBTOTAL $1000.00
    NO TAX 0.00
    TOTAL $1000.00

    AMEX CHARGE $1000.00

    I understand that a lot of persons got their money back within 10 business day. However, ….

    I have a missing fund $1K at Feb 25, I waited for 2 weeks and I finally call Amex at March 11 for the missing 1K. Amex rep told me to wait for 10 regular days. I called on March 20 again to check for the status, I was on hold for 20 minutes and the Amex rep finally told me that they still have issues to fix and asked me to wait for 45 days from March 11 before checking for new status.

    Goodness, it will be April 25 before I can ask for a new status update.

  2. I had an issue loading on 2/25, many people did that day. A few seemed to continue to experience issues through the first week of March, not sure if it extends beyond that.

    As the cashier did the transaction at Target, it printed the big receipt showing the load, then a small one showing an error and indicating it didn’t go through. Not sure if this happened to all failed loads though.

    Online on the Redbird acct, it shows “Cash Reload Reversal” then “Cash Reload”, in that order, for the same amount.

    When you load Redbird also sends you an email within minutes indicating the load amount. I don’t recall if I had received that email on 2/25 but I don’t believe so.

    So as far as things to look for as indications of whether you also had a failed load, I’d guess the transactions with the negative amount stating “Cash Reload Reversal” should show on everyone. If not, it would be good to know. Also, we don’t know if Amex would have fixed the failed loads without our calls.

    Still, they should had a warning in place to automatically notify (email, auto-call) people who had the failed loads! Lets hope they fix this also, should issues like this occur again.

  3. We had the same problem… Missing $1,000 load on 2/26 on two different Redcards. Called into AMEX on 3/16 and they stated that it should be resolved within 10 business days. Seeing the other comments, it’s hard to believe the funds will really be there soon… Hopeful.

  4. I am having this SAME issue. Missing $950 from a 2/23 reload and same story from customer service — I feel like I’m getting the big brushoff from them. Thank you for posting about it!

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