Are You One Of The Attractive Passengers Targeted For A Pat-Down?

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The TSA is in hot water again for the actions of a couple of TSA agents out of Denver International Airport who reportedly would target attractive male passengers for a pat-down search! Unbelievable, I know!

Are You One Of The Attractive Passengers Targeted For A Pat-Down?

As reported by Reuters, Denver TSA has fired 2 agents who were scheming together in this plot to conduct pat down searches on attractive men as they passed through security. The report says that the pair would trick the machines into detecting an irregularlity which would then result in the person having to get a pat down search where the passenger would be groped in the genital area. Just terrible.

“In November, a TSA employee tipped off the agency that a male screener at the airport told her he groped male passengers he found attractive, according to a Denver police report.”

“In response, a TSA investigator went to the airport in February and saw the screener signal to a female colleague when a certain male passenger entered the screening area, the police report said.”

“The woman colleague used a touchscreen system to categorize the passenger falsely as a female, which caused a scanning machine erroneously to detect an anomaly and trigger a pat-down of the passenger, the police report said.”

“The investigator watched as the male screener then used that opportunity to pat down the passenger’s groin and buttocks, according to the police report.”

Bottom Line

Come on, TSA! Your job is to track down threats and get the bad guys not employ the bad guys. You are supposed to make people feel safer, not the opposite. What do you think of this story? Have you ever felt violated by the TSA while going through security?

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  1. I am an extremely attractive Hispanic passenger who has NOT been targeted… could race/ethnicity be an issue here?

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