Free Amex Statement Credits Galore

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Recently we posted about a potentially lucrative offering from American Express where if you used their new Amex Checkout at certain merchants, you could get a $10 statement credit per merchant, per card! The awesome part of this promotion was that even orders as low as $.01 would trigger the $10 statement credit. The challenge became finding the least expensive or in my case, the most useful <$10 item at each merchant to get the $10 credit on all my American Express cards. This was pretty fun and the promotion is still going on if you haven’t used it yet. You can read more here. Essentially, with all the merchants you can get up to $110 in statement credits per card but, I maxed out at about $30 per card, only finding good deals <$10 at Newegg, Ticketmaster and Sabon.

Free Amex Statement Credits Galore

This exercise of free shopping (like crazy) for statement credits on all my Amex cards got me dreaming about Small Business Saturday; which is one of my favorite shopping days of the year. If you are not familiar with SBS, it is a day (in November) where American Express rewards their cardholders for ‘shopping small.’ Last year, for every Amex card you had, you could make at least a $10 purchase at participating small business merchants and you would receive a $10 statement credit. Better yet, you could do this 3 times per card! So, essentially, you were getting $30 in credits per Amex card! You can read about our Amex Small Business Saturday haul here. As you can imagine, if you had many cards as a family, this became pretty lucrative quickly!

I’m hoping that Amex SBS will be as good this year and I have started to prepare for the big day. If you haven’t started thinking about what you can do, now might be a good time. If you intend to apply for more cards, you might need the extra time to apply and get your cards now. Here are some good strategies that I am working on:

1.) Looking at how many cards I have that will be eligible for the promotion. Last year, American Express Bluebird and Serve cards were eligible. If you don’t have these, this is a potential area were you can add a card.

2.) Accessing if we need to apply for more Amex cards. Are there any offers that I was thinking about taking advantage of anyway and apply for them now so that I will have the card for Small Business Saturday.

3.) Adding authorized users to my American Express cards that don’t have a fee to do so. Authorized user cards with unique card numbers have always been eligible for their own statement credits on Small Business Saturday.

Bottom Line

Make use of being an Amex cardholder with both of these options and start thinking about potentially addition to your Amex cards so that you can take advantage even further on Small Business Saturday! Definitely, make sure to use your Amex Checkout statement credits if you haven’t already and look at the strategies that I outline above to make the most of Amex Small Business Saturday! Happy Shopping!


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  1. The $1 at Ticketmaster was for a specific donation they processed. Eventually it became a $5 donation to a different charity. Many of us liked this deal because even if the statement credit fell through you’ve still made a donation. And that feels much better than making a small purchase for something you don’t truly need.

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