Being Denied from the Amex Centurion Lounge Seattle

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Here’s a first, that a reader emailed in. He was denied access to the new American Express Centurion Studio at Seattle, due to overcrowding. Apparently there were many others being turned away as well and told to come back later.

Being Denied from the Amex Centurion Lounge Seattle

Being Denied from the Amex Centurion Lounge Seattle

According to him, the lounge is only allowed to have 100 people in it at a time, and it was over capacity and this American Express Platinum cardholder was denied entry. He was given a $20 Starbucks gift card for the inconvievnce and told to come back in about 20 minutes.

Being Denied from the Amex Centurion Lounge Seattle

Looking at the gift cards, it says The Centurion Studio on it, making me think that this a common occurrence here.

Bottom Line

Has anyone else ever been denied access to the Studio before? What are your thoughts on this incident? Feel free to comment below.

Hat Tip: PMM Reader Ryan

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  1. I spoke with the staff there recently, and they said it was ‘too small and frequently crowded’, but they hoped to upgrade it to a full Amex lounge soon.

    Apparently the space next to them is a bathroom (?) and they think that could be taken out to expand the lounge.

    When I was there, it wasn’t crowded at all, though.

  2. If they value access at $50 for non platinum cardholders, that should be the reimbursement if you ultimately aren’t allowed access.

    Do they have a queuing system if you return in 20min?

  3. I would gladly take the $20 every time because let’s admit it, the free snacks and latte you drink there isn’t worth that much.

  4. In the Studio now, fairly empty at the moment. The food options are disappointing but I do like the self service soft drinks. I wish the other lounges offered that, I hate asking a bartender for a diet coke.

  5. I have been in a few Centurion Lounges and Starbucks has way better coffee them their machines! Do you get a $20 card every 20 minutes you are denied entry?

  6. It is true. I have also been turned away and given a $20 Starbucks gift card. It is a nice touch given the situation. Last time I was at SeaTac I did obtain access. They explained this Lounge is a “studio” and therefore much smaller than other Centurion Lounges in the system. Having visited both the Lounge in Vegas and San Francisco, I would agree the size is rather small. Overall, great experience when you can gain access.

  7. I’m jealous. I would take the $20 gift card in a heartbeat. That’s a delicious red pepper, tomato and mozzarell sandwich or a parfait and a skinny mocha, plus a couple of mochas down the road. What a deal. Wish Delta did this when their lounges are overcrowded. I’ve never seem turn anyone away despite standing room-only conditions.

  8. that’s not nice i rarely get to an airport (atl is where i go the most and NO LOUNGE!!)that has an amex lounge so i would be very disappointed to be turned away,,,

  9. I stoppes in to use the restroom after my flight. They said i was welcome to do so but I had to wait a few minutes of I needed to use the lounge.

    I was eager to get to my hotel and walk to Pikes Place and see the Elliott Bay, so i wasnt too upset. They offered me the gift card but I didnt accept it. In my way out they remembered me from a few says earlier and once again offered thr card for my trouble on arrival. I didnt accept it as I didnt have any trouble.

    That being said, the staff here is wonderful. I like the lite food selections as I dont eat heavy before travel.

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