Video: United Passenger Decks First Class Passenger

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A passenger on a United Airlines flight was arrested after he allegedly refused to turn off his cell phone, punched another passenger and hit a Chicago police officer.

Video: United Passenger Decks First Class Passenger

On a flight to Ohio, a 31 year old passenger refused to put his phone away during taxiing and as he exited the plane to face police, he decked another passenger. He also reportedly hit an officer during the scuffle.

You can watch the video here, as reported by ABC 7 and Yahoo NewsPassenger arrested after punching man on United Airlines flight. One of the other passengers video taped the whole thing. You can see the man being arrested for battery as he exits the United flight.

Bottom Line

More passengers acting unruly on a flight. Honestly, I don’t understand when people can’t comply with simple instructions on a flight and then get crazy when they are told to stop. It really makes it hard for everyone else, as I am sure this caused a nice delay for all passengers involved. What do you think?

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  1. Some people think the rules don’t apply to them. Do i think the cell phone rules airlines have are stupid? Yes. Do i think some crew members have a power trip over enforcing the rules sometimes? Yes. But they are their rules so I think people should follow them. If you don’t like an airline’s rule, do fly them….nobody made this guy fly United.

  2. Passengers are allowed to have their phones on during taxiing now, so why was he told to put it away in the first place?

  3. Maybe he was talking on it or doing something that demonstrated that he was not in airplane mode.

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