Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Falls Asleep During Flight

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Being a flight attendant can be a tiring job, but on a recent Southwest Airlines flight, one passenger records a video of a flight attendant who fell asleep in the midst of an announcement. You can watch the clip on YouTube should you desire.

Southwest Airlines

Per Yahoo, This guy takes sleeping on the job to a whole new level.  A video posted on Youtube shows a Southwest Airlines flight attendant falling asleep while making an announcement on the plane’s intercom system. 

The narcoleptic moment was captured by passenger Samir Nasr, who was sitting in the front row and noticed the flight attendant behaving strangely. According to the Nasr, the airline employee “was so messed up” that he wasn’t actually holding down the microphone button while trying to make an announcement. Which means he was talking into the mic and didn’t notice that no one could hear him. 

When he finally did press the button down, his speech was slow, slurred, and confusing.

“Let’s just put it this way, nobody in that plane felt safe,” Nasr wrote on Youtube. “How did they even let him show up to work like that?” 

n a statement, Southwest Airlines claims that the flight attendant’s odd behavior might have been due to a “new medication.” 

“Due to a concern raised by a customer, we had supervisors meet flight 464 upon arrival into Dallas from Birmingham to assess a flight attendant onboard,” said the statement.” 

“Although the Captain onboard the flight and supervisors on the ground did not witness or detect any unusual behavior, the employee acknowledged a potential reaction to new medication prescribed by his physician.”

The airline removed the employee from duty for the rest of the day. 

We hope he got to take a nap. 

Bottom Line

First and foremost, I hope this flight attendant is alright, however I don’t know how safe I’d feel if he was working my flight and fell asleep.

What are your thoughts about this incident? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. It’s been verified by a hospital this FA was suffering from a blood clot in his brain. People are so quick to judge. What an asshole the filmer is to just watch the guy and not offer help instead trying to get attention on his YouTube account.
    This story was on the Today Show. Even you P, M&M should’ve done your research before posting this video under such context.

  2. Instead of concern and asking if the Flight Attendant is ok, this guy complains and takes a picture. Classy!

  3. Wishing this Flight Attendant well, and a speedy recovery. Also, suggest that he bring an Action in Tort against Samir Nasr, as well as NBC & The Today Show, for “False Light.” To all the jerks posting that he must clearly be opioid adficted, may your hairs catch fire & your heads explode.

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