How To Avoid Paying Uber Surge Pricing

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We’ve written about Uber several times and it’s my go to app for when it comes to on-demand car service because of the reliable service and the amount of drivers there are. However, one thing that I’ve noticed a lot lately is an increase in surge pricing.

How To Avoid Paying Uber Surge Pricing

Surge pricing occurs during peak periods when there are more ride requests than drivers, however I absolutely hate paying surge pricing. Thankfully, there is a new app that I discovered that helps you avoid paying Uber Surge pricing called Surge Protector.

How To Avoid Paying Uber Surge Pricing

This is a great app, which will show you where Surge Pricing is, sometimes that means walking just a few blocks over and you can avoid it all together.

In addition, if you haven’t tried Uber yet, you can get a $20 credit on your first ride when you sign up here.

Have you used Surge Protector before or do you have any other ways/apps that you avoid Uber Surge pricing? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. You should write another blog post titled “How to avoid paying for items at the gas station, art of petty theft”

  2. That’s harsh LR. I think the post is awesome and I for one have downloaded the app. Surge pricing is a b@#$%. And it can get way too expensive. So I can walk three blocks and save money count me in. The driver doesn’t work any harder by picking me up three blocks away. And if I haveto do surge pricing I’m not using the service. So he’s winning out cause now in riding in his vehicle.

  3. LR – your comment is wholly inappropriate. Surge pricing comes into effect to encourage Uber drivers to come on duty when demand increases. That’s fair enough but it only reflects limited supply of Ubers rather than cabs as a whole. I’ve frequently seen surge pricing but an abundance of cabs available to be hailed so I just hail a cab. Simply put, it’s a rip off and no different from price gouging when there’s limited supply of gas, food etc … It’s opportunistic simply to make a profit with no regard to customer service or appreciation. I like Uber but I’ll wait to hail a cab, pay a higher fare and tip rather than pay surge pricing. Especially as Uber cheats with expected wait time for a car. I’ve waited up to 20 minutes when an initial estimate was 3 mins. They get you on the hook with a short wait time and then make you wait longer. Much better to hail a cab which is instant than be fooled into waiting longer and paying a surge price on top. So, back to you, I suggest you direct your comment regarding the art of petty theft back at Uber itself.

  4. This reminds me of the people that bring their own candy and snacks to movie theaters since their “surge” is ridic.

  5. nosurge is a better app, has a few quirks, but I like it much more (as do other users who voted it higher at 3.8 .v. 2.7 for surgeprotector)

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