Did Hyatt Make It More Difficult To Combine Gold Passport Points?

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One of the best features of Hyatt’s Gold Passport program is that it is easy to combine Gold Passport Points simply by filling out a “Point Combining Request Form” and then faxing, mailing or even e-mailing the completed form.  The points would be combined usually within 1-2 business days, and then you could use the points for a future reservation.

The last time that I combined Gold Passport Points was with a friend was three months ago, in March 2016.  I was getting ready to combine some other Gold Passport Points with another friend, and started filling out the form.  I noticed a new line was added:

The award night is currently under Reservation # ____________________.Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 6.10.46 AM

Another change that may make it a little more difficult to combine points is that the form no longer offers the option of emailing the completed form. Previously it listed E-mail: goldpassport@hyatt.com as one of the three options. In the past I would take a picture of the completed form and attach it to an E-mail. Now it has dropped to the following two options:Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 6.13.17 AM

A final change that I noticed might actually be a benefit to some. The phrase”Members may only transfer or receive points once every 30 days” used to be the second line on the form just under the title, but was deleted from the request form.

And the full Point Combining Terms and Conditions from the form:

Member may combine the necessary number of Hyatt Gold Passport points from their Hyatt Gold Passport membership account with those in one other specifically designated Hyatt Gold Passport membership account in order to have a sufficient number of points to redeem a particular award.

Hyatt Gold Passport points may be combined into only one member’s account for redemption. Once issued in the designated member’s name, the member transferring the Hyatt Gold Passport points will relinquish all rights to the combined Hyatt Gold Passport points. Only the number of Hyatt Gold Passport points necessary to redeem the specific award for which the transfer is being requested may be combined.

To book an award reservation using combined points, call Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service at 1-800-30-HYATT or your nearest Global Contact Center. Hyatt Gold Passport free night awards apply when standard rooms are available at the Standard Rate. Standard rooms are defined by each hotel and are not subject to blackout dates. Hyatt Gold Passport free night awards cannot be redeemed for hotel packages.

Hyatt Gold Passport free night awards apply when standard rooms are available at the Hyatt Daily Rate. Standard rooms are defined by each hotel and are not subject to blackout dates. Hyatt Gold Passport free night awards cannot be redeemed for hotel packages.

Hyatt Gold Passport award reservations are subject to the reservation requirements of the individual hotel, such as length of stay. Hyatt Gold Passport award reservations are subject to the cancellation policy of the individual property at which member is redeeming an award. Hyatt Gold Passport free night awards are valid for standard guest rooms unless specifically stated as part of a particular award. Hyatt Gold Passport awards may be applied only to the guest room and do not apply toward food, beverage (except Passport Escape Awards which include limited meals), incidental expenses or service charges or taxes. A valid credit card is required to guarantee an award stay at time of booking. Additional restrictions may apply. For complete program terms and conditions, please visit www.goldpassport.com.

Hyatt Hotels & ResortsTM encompasses hotels managed, franchised or leased by subsidiaries and affiliates of Hyatt Hotels Corporation. The trademarks HyattTM, Hyatt Hotels & ResortsTM, Park HyattTM, AndazTM, Grand HyattTM, Hyatt RegencyTM, Hyatt PlaceTM, HYATT HouseTM, Hyatt Gold PassportTM, Hyatt Residence ClubTM Resorts, and related marks are trademarks of Hyatt Corporation. ©2016 Hyatt Corporation. All rights reserved.

Bottom Line:

These seem like minor changes – although I’m not sure how the new booking process works – as previously you can’t book an award reservation without enough points. I am also curious to see if my next Point Combining Request Form, that I will be tempted to send in via e-mail, will be rejected.  Does anyone have any experience with combing Gold Passport Points with this new form?

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  1. I’ve filled out these forms many times within the last several months, even as recent as a few weeks ago, so I can tell you a lot about them.

    1) You can still e-mail the forms as a picture, PDF, etc. even though the goldpassport@hyatt.com isn’t on the form anymore, just make sure it’s clear and legible

    2) I’ve had some success and some failures with faxing the form as sometimes it was blurry and I wouldn’t know until they e-mailed saying they could not see the form and asked me to resend it. I would go with e-mailing the form as I’ve had almost 100% success with that.

    3) Transferring points from your Ultimate Rewards pool to Hyatt counts towards the “account activity within the last 30 days”, so if you transferred points into your Hyatt account recently from Ultimate Rewards you will have to wait another 30 days before you can transfer using the form method. The reverse has no problems – that is if you transfer points into your account from another account using the form, and THEN transfer more points into your account via Ultimate Rewards that will be fine. You can also transfer from Ultimate Rewards to Hyatt as often as you want, whenever you want, it does not follow the once-per-30-days rule.

    4) You do not need to fill out the “The award night is currently under reservation # ___”, just name, address, e-mail, and account # and the # of points to be transferred on both accounts.

  2. Yeah, I’m scratching my head on that as well. Currently you can’t book award nights without having enough points already in the account. My wife and I send points to each other’s account quite frequently to book award nights, making it very handy.

  3. I just combined points with my brother for a booking. I saw the new form, but I ended up digging up the old one that doesn’t require you to specify which award you’re trying to book. I sent it in and the points transferred within a business day, no issues. Seems like they’re still accepting the old forms.

  4. I used the new form and did not fill in the reservation # and the points transferred. I also called and requested an e-mail address which was provided. How can I make a reservation if I have to combine points in order to have sufficient points??

  5. @Julie,

    I did not need to fill out the reservation # either, and award nights can’t be booked unless you have sufficient points it looks like. I was able to e-mail them the form goldpassport@hyatt.com after filling it out.

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