Last Chance For $50 Amex Statement Credits

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As a reminder, this is your last chance to score $50 Amex statement credits on your AT&T bill. It is no secret that I am a big fan of American Express Offers for You. Some of the best Offers for You are the ones for merchants that you already use or pay bills to. For example, there is a really good American Express Offer for You where you can score $50 statement credits (x3) on you $150 AT&T wireless bill (came out back in August.) See the post here for all the info on the Amex Offer for You.

Last Chance For $50 Amex Statement Credits On Your AT&T Bill

If you haven’t used these yet, get on over to pay your AT&T bill (3x) before the Offer for You expires on 12/1/16 and if you have it on multiple cards, you really have some work to do to max out these credits!


Questions and My Experience

As a reminder, there was a great community effort in the comments section, discussing how to utilize this deal and I thought that I would share my experience so far. I also wanted to remind you to use this offer as it is very lucrative if you have AT&T.

  1. Reader Geoff asks, ‘Does the “small business” wording preclude our personal/family plans?’

I was able to pay my personal AT&T bill just now and received a notice from AT&T at 3:01 acknowledging  the payment and at 3:01 and 10 seconds; I received the congratulations email from Amex thanking me for using my Offer for You. Boom, a $50 statement credit for a bill that I had to pay anyway! Can’t beat that!

Boom! 1st $50 Statement Credit With AT&T Amex Offers Q&A

Boom! 1st $50 Statement Credit With AT&T Amex Offers Q&A

2.  Reader Jeff asks, ‘Will AT&T allow me to prepay *that much*? I’ve pre-paid a few months in advance before but nothing like this. Wondered if anybody had any data points to share.’

I had a $40 credit on my account today from a previous Amex Offer for You and was able to pre-pay my first $150 to trigger the $50 statement credit. Since the Offer for You is good through 12/1/16, you have plenty of time to space this out a little, if you so desire. And I will remind you again when it gets close to the Offer expiring too!

If you have a ton of these Offers for You loaded, like reader Jeff (“we are at 4 offers loaded with the potential for up to 3 more,” then you probably don’t have as much time as others. But, you should still be able to take advantage of this Offer for You in plenty of time. Remember that each Offer is good for a $50 statement credit x3 with a $150 payment. So if you have it loaded on to 4 Amex cards, then you have to make 12 $150 payments to max this out.

3. Reader Jeff also asks this interesting question, ‘It says the item has to be something that would “show up on the bill”. Basically, can I leverage these to pay for a new iPhone 7 when it inevitably launches in (hopefully) September? Or does it HAVE to be the bill?’

The terms state: Purchases for equipment or prepaid, U-verse, web hosting, or wireless services that do not appear on your AT&T wireless bill are excluded from this offer. I think the keys wording here is “that do not appear on your wireless bill” and that if equipment is billed to your monthly bill with your services, then it would be likely that a $150 payment to your ‘monthly bill’ should trigger the statement credit per the terms. This will be something to watch and see how it works. But, I am certainly with Jeff with this idea!

Bottom Line

I love Amex Offers for You and save so much money! Offers for You are just one reason to have an American Express Card and this Offer for You really pays! Check your Amex account and post a comment if you had this Offer for You or a different one. Also post a comment if you have any ideas on how to utilize this Offer for You if you have it on many cards.

How To Get These Amex Offers For You

If you are new to American Express Offers for You or don’t have an American Express card yet, start here. You must have an eligible American Express Card and then add the Offers For You to your registered card to get the statement credit.


Trick For Saving Amex Offers For You On Multiple Cards

HT: Geoff and Jeff, as well as all the other commenters and readers!

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  1. AT&T won’t let you go into credit zone more than $300.

    Ran into this last month when I did 2 payments, and the 3rd one gave an obscure error.

    I had to wait until today, when next bill came out and my credit dropped to $150 or less, in order to make the 3rd payment succesfully.

    Pro-tip: I’m using this to pay my U-Verse bill. This works because my “primary” account used to be an AT&T Wireless account, linked to a U-Verse account. Even though I later switched to T-Mobile, my “home” for billing is still AT&T Wireless.

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