Short Delta MQMs, Consider Buying Medallion Qualifying Miles EXPIRED

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Similar to last year and the year before, Delta is in the midst of selling Medallion Qualifying Miles this year for those who are short MQMs for their status at astronomical prices, so I would strongly urge anyone not to buy them.


Delta Elevate Your Status:

  • SkyMiles members will be able to purchase bundles of MQMs, MQSs and MQDs to assist in reaching or retaining their desired tier of Medallion status for 2017.
  • Delta will be introducing a new minimum purchase of 1,000 MQMs and 3 MQSs, but members will still be able to buy up to 10,000 MQMs and 15 MQSs.
  • Prices for the bundles will vary based on current Medallion tier
  • The promotion will run from through Feb 15, 2017.

All SkyMiles Members with at least 15,000 MQMs or 15 MQSs in their account can participate in the Elevate Your Status on If you don’t fall into one of these categories, you may not be able to buy MQMs, meaning Diamond Medallions who have already re-qualified for status will be ineligible.

Delta Air Lines

As a Platinum Medallion, I was offered the following prices for MQMs:

  • 1,000 MQMs for $1,595
  • 2,500 MQMs for $2,195
  • 5,000 MQMs for $2,495
  • 7,500 MQMs for $2,795
  • 10,000 MQMs for $2,995

However, the prices are significantly less for Gold Medallions, Silver Medallions, and regular SkyMiles members ranging from $195 for 1,000 MQMs for SkyMiles members to $$1,895 for 10,000 MQMs for Gold Medallions.

Cheaper Alternatives to Earning MQMs:

Bottom Line

If you do need the MQMs, it’s not too late to pick up one of the co-branded cards and spent on it to get those MQMs to post this year, which is the method I would personally go, however you do have the option to purchase Medallion Qualifying Miles.

Feel free to comment below with any questions. 

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  1. You know this is the biggest rip off on earth right? At the lowest price ($1895) you could fly somewhere and enjoy yourself and earn that many MQMs — if not for way cheaper. I would never recommend this avenue to get MQMs EVER. I’m flying FC JFK-HNL for $1900 and getting almost 20k MQMs.

  2. Major ripoff agreed! At the same time–what does one do. I had carefully calculated my MQMs to reach Diamond status, with a two day trip on 12/29-30 to get it just over the top. However, the Delta site is now showing my total *lower* than I had anticipated, so that the major international trip coming up will no longer get me over the threshhold to teach DM status. It looks like somehow I will be 2500 MQM short. It’s irritating as heck–and hard to second guess Delta’s calculations–but I don’t see any other choice at this point to gain the necessary MQMs.

  3. is it cheaper to do a day trip to california and back — not sure where you are. but i bet you can get a same day mileage run for cheaper.

  4. @Jane, this is just to thank you for taking the time to reply with the suggestion. I did consider that but then had a stroke of luck. I was just able to revise my scheduled trip to Korea, with the kind assistance of a great Delta Diamond desk agent, in order to reach the necessary threshold. It will be an insanely long trip but the agent was incredibly helpful and I will follow up with one of the DL “thank you” certificates for the agent.
    Thanks also to @Rene.

  5. What are the perks of being Silver. I have never used this so don’t understand the desire or benefits.

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