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Every once in a while there is a major deal that for travelers that comes around. Something that is a true game changer. Not everyone jumps on it at once. But for those who do, it’s a major deal for traveling. This major deal that I just experienced is a huge game changer. Something that will not only improve the way I travel, but also my family. It will shave off potential long periods of dead time from most of my trips and give more certainty when planning arrival times to airports. The major deal for travelers is CLEAR which will greatly improve travel experiences and I’ll share my CLEAR experience from a recent trip.

Major Deal For Travelers

If you haven’t heard of it, CLEAR is the quickest and fastest way to clear airport security. It’s expanding and currently as of the time of this post, open in 16 airport CLEAR locations, after just opening up in New York and Atlanta.

How To Use CLEAR

Step 1) Enroll Online and stop by a dedicated CLEAR line to register your biometric information. Then stop by a dedicated CLEAR lane on your next trip.

CLEAR Dedicated Lane

Step 2) Step into CLEAR lane and verify your credentials with a boarding pass

CLEAR Verification

Step 3) Speed through security in less than 5 minutes and enjoy your free time.

CLEAR Security Line Time

CLEAR Security Lane Process

For me, the CLEAR security lane process is the best part. Using CLEAR literally bypasses all the other passengers in other lines. You’ll avoid the long lines of regular security and skip the people in the TSA Pre lines.

CLEAR Security Line Process

My CLEAR Experience

During a recent experience, there was a line around the corner in TSA Pre. I simply walked up, scanned my boarding pass, tapped my two fingers onto a key pad, then was escorted to secure door where the CLEAR gentleman said ” CLEAR Registered Passenger Cleared”. I walked right up to the conveyor, placed my bag on the belt, walked through the normal TSA Pre screening process, grabbed my bag and was on my way to the gate. It literally took less than 3 minutes. Precious time savings and more certainty in amount of time I need before the airport.

How To Get CLEAR

You can enroll for CLEAR online by simply visiting this link. Then all you have to do is stop by a kiosk the next time you are at a CLEAR airport location. Then you’ll be setup to use the fast lane at available airports.

Bottom Line

The next major deal for travelers to improve the experience is here. It’s called CLEAR. If you’ve experienced it before, please drop a note about your experience in the comments. Others would like to hear. If you haven’t heard of CLEAR, consider checking it out.

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  1. Hardly saves any time at all for me. At MCO at least, TSA needs to double approve you anyhow and then you are sent to the back of the PreCheck line like everyone else. Yes, it saves SOME time, but only a couple of minutes.

  2. How long before everyone pays $99+ a year for Clear, the lines get as long as pre-check and then we are all paying more just to wait in the same length of line we used to?

  3. they still don’t have many airports participating and when the program first started it failed and people lost their money…this is version 2 with a few more airports, same limitations

  4. So what exactly is the deal here? I read through the post thinking there was some great promo offer and not a single mention of price at all.

  5. I remember when the highway EZ pass system came out in my country: everyone signed up right off the bat and the lines to enter the “Fast” lanes stretched nearly to the highway exit. It was especially bad if 1) someone got confused and ended up in that lane and the little bar stayed down – with NO resolution for that initially, or 2) someone had the right hardware but forgot to add funds. Again the little bar stayed DOWN and they had to sit there in their car on their cell phone and add funds at that moment. It was a boneheaded initial launch that didn’t get cleared up for months!

    Glad to be a ‘late adopter’. This applies here too.

  6. I hate to pile on but where is the “major deal”? Sure Clear might be OK but I thought I’d find a discount deal or free sign up hack in this post.

  7. At MCO Clear took about the same time, if not longer, than Pre. Gave it up a few years ago. I clicked to see what the “deal” they were offering might be, but this just seems like an ad for Clear.

  8. Clear took all my info and my money a few years back then went bankrupt. Kept my money and who knows what happened with my info

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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