Is There a Shortage of Amex Platinum Metal Cards?

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With The Platinum Card® from American Express now a metal card, current cardholders were quick to request the new cards either online or over the phone, with the option to have these overnighted. However, it appears there may already be a shortage as several cardholders have reported not receiving their replacement cards today.


Yesterday, I spoke with American Express who confirmed the new cards were ready and they said they would send a new metal card replacement out, which was supposed to be overnighted today. However, nothing has arrived and I spoke to American Express who has confirmed it didn’t get sent out yet, and that the new cards were taking longer than expected to be sent out.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 9.37.50 PM

Perhaps more members than they thought requested the new metal cards. When they launched this new card, current cardholders would receive the new card once theirs expired, though they could request a replacement card. Based on how many comments and people talking it sounds like the majority of current Platinum cardholders requested these new cards, which may be more orders than they can handle.

As a reminder in addition to the new metal card other new benefits of the Platinum Card from American Express include:

  • $200 Uber Credit: Cardholders will receive an annual $200 fee credit for Uber. If you are a Uber user, as long as you link your Platinum Card to your Uber account, you’ll actually get a $15 ride credit each month culminating with a $35 credit each December. This is in addition to being granted Uber VIP status, which can score you the highest Uber drivers.
  • 5X Points on Hotels: Similar to the current benefit of earning 5X Points on airfare, you’ll now earn 5X points on hotels, however this is only valid for hotels booked through the amextravel site. In addition, Fine Hotels and Resorts bookings do not earn the added points.
  • New Metal Card and Complimentary Gold Authorized Users: Taking after the Chase Sapphire Preferred, cardholders will now be issued metal cards with a new design. Additionally, authorized users will receive complimentary Gold cards before requiring a $45 fee.

Has anyone received their replacement American Express metal card yet? Feel free to share below!

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  1. Was expecting mine today too and didn’t receive. I was wondering why they didn’t send confirmation of shipment as they said they would, so I guess that’s why?

  2. In China right now and requested online. Got the confirmation e-mail and expect to see a package upon my return.

  3. Amex was swamped with metal card requests and its fulfillment partner was not able to meet the demand. It’s a processing issue, not a shortage issue.

  4. Got my card today
    It’s really slick better than sapphire
    Thicker , heavier and texture front

  5. I really don’t get the facination with metal cards. Who wants a heavy piece of aluminum to carry around in their pocket? It’s not like a metal card does some amazing new thing. Is everyone just mesmerized by shinny things? “Oooooh, shinny… Your wallet must be sooooouper heavy…”

  6. I also was expecting my card today. But received a message that it has beed delayed. I have no idea when it will arrive.

  7. I got mine 3/31; I requested a damaged card replacement online late on 3/29.

    No number on front
    The numbers on the back are large and easy to see
    Should wear better than the plastic one
    Neat novelty value for a week or two
    Same thickness as plastic card

    Card member name looks more printed than embossed.
    Overall looks like a metal luggage tag
    In the end it’s still just a card

  8. Was waiting on mine today yet nothing arrived. Contacted AMEX who now states it’ll be delayed but should receive by 4/6/17.

    No further info after email confirming 3/31 delivery…would’ve expected a courtesy email of delay

  9. Got a second email confirming card is being shipped with tracking number. UPS expect it to be delievered on Monday.

  10. Was suppose to receive mine 3/31, but according to an online rep (Paris), the card has been delayed one day and “should” arrive on 4/1. I am hopeing this is the case. No shipment information yet from FedEx.

  11. Requested it on 3/30 around 9am and was told it will arrive next day PM via FedEx. The rep said they’ve been bombarded with calls for the new metal card. It did not arrive 3/31. My buddy who I told about the new metal card called after I did but lied and said his card had been “lost”….. He got his the next day at 8:30am! I’d like to have the new card but not that bad to lie about it. Heh they did cancel his card so he couldn’t use it at happy hour.

  12. I am getting mine tomorrow. Mine was set up through auto. The amex person whom I deal with knew about it and automatically did it; however that didn’t mean I would get the card before others. It’s not a bad delay. For me I don’t care about the metal aspect.

    Happy charging

  13. BTW it sucks the metal card is only for personal platinum members, If you have business platinum you cannot get the new metal card or benefits.

  14. Agree with Prince Patel – the difference in benefits between the Personal Platinum and the Business Platinum is getting confusing and upsetting. I took an Uber from the airport Saturday for the first time because I had just read about the new benefit, and now I find that the benefit doesn’t apply to the business platinum card. Don’t really care much about the metal card, but the Uber benefit would be useful.

  15. As a Personal Platinum card-holder, I’d rather have access to the 50% MR points back benefit on air travel than the $15 in Uber credits per month.. Sure, I’ll take one free Uber ride a month, but half rewards points on any first/business fare or on coach fares on my selected airline is a nice perk that us non-business cards don’t get..

    Oh, and to update, I received an email on Saturday w/ my UPS tracking number. New card is on vehicle for delivery today!

  16. Hey everyone. I just received the new Metal card. It’s nice construction. The aesthetics look quite nice. Amex did a great job with this card. Obviously they want to compete more against the Reserve and the Preff from Chase, and i think they definitely did that. The benefits as well as the status.

    I hope you all get your new cards soon!

  17. I’m not into the uber stuff. I do like the thought of the metal so it takes longer to wear, I face dirt track and i roof all the time. And the plastic cards just don’t hold up. Current card holder of Amex,Chase,Barclay,Discover. Each has there own benefits. But my chase sapphire peals apart. So my hope is amex takes the beating for things i do. The fee worth it to me not having to replace the card as much. Big hopes for the platinum card. Mine be here today.

  18. I just requested my new card and was informed that they don’t have them available for the Carribean or Latin America. I don’t understand why because we pay the same and should have the same benefits. That sucks.

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